Why You Can’t Trust Strangers with Your Kids

We meet strangers on a daily basis and when they interact with us, through a smile or a wave, it’s just common courtesy for us to reply back with a similar gesture. But, how does this work when we have the kids with us? On one hand, we do want them to be polite members of society and at the same time, parental instinct tells you to keep reminding your kids not to talk to strangers.

The truth is that, it may be better for your child to be thought at an early age, not to interact too much with strangers or people they barely know. In light of high profile child molestation cases in the past decade, like the case involving mega-celebrity, Michael Jackson, parents have learnt to be even more wary about whom they leave their kids with.

Despite having acquaintances that seem like they may good people, we can’t really tell what may be lying under their exterior appearance. This is why it is not advisable to leave your kids in the care of people that you barely interact with or know anything about. Besides that, there are a few more reasons why you shouldn’t be leaving your kids with strangers or people that you have just met.

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#1 They may have Ill Intentions

Not every stranger that we meet may have evil intent towards your child but, at the same time, we can’t discount the fact that there are people out there in society that wouldn’t even give a second thought at the idea of abusing or hurting your kids. Keep a lookout for anyone who pays too much focus on your child and keeps inquiring about the whereabouts of your child as well as their daily schedule/routine. Although, as a parent, you may be tempted to share with people what your precious little one is up to, it may be wise to limit the number of people who know about your child’s routine to only the people who are close to you.

#2 They will not be as Vigilant

If you have a quick errand to run and your babysitter isn’t available to sit for your child for that particular day, the first thought that runs through your mind is that you could try and leave them with your neighbors for a quick errand run and pick them up as soon as you’re done with what you need to do. This, however, is something that you might also want to avoid. At the end of the day, your neighbors are just doing you a favor and they might not be as vigilant as you are with your kids, opening up a possibility for your child to be exposed to common household dangers, if your neighbors aren’t keeping a close eye on your kid.

#3 They may be Dangerous

Like our parents and grandparents have ingrained into us, stranger danger is a rea-life problem and sadly, it’s nowhere near to being diminished. Strangers are people of whom we do not know their real intentions and we don’t have access to their personality, which makes it harder for us to even gauge their thoughts. Some people you know may be tied to child trafficking syndicates or be part of a pedophilia-loving group, all the while hiding behind a calm and saint-like exterior. Should you be too trusting with such people, you may risk losing your child forever.  

#4 They could Physically Hurt your Children

This is also another issue that we need to address when leaving kids with people that we have just got to know. Despite them seeming like angels on Earth, some people may be internally battling anger issues and could be triggered by your child’s innocent mistakes. These people have no control over their anger or the things that they do when they’re riled up and may inadvertently end up hurting your child. Around the world, especially in Asia, there have been numerous cases of such nature and it may not be too far down the road that this begins to happen here in our own backyard.

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All in all, you will need to be extra careful with the people you allow your child to be with. Strangers that we meet may have underlying schemes that we may overlook and this small mistake could lead to serious consequences involving your child. If you have no choice and need to leave your kids with someone you have just met, run a quick background check on them to see if you may have missed anything from your first impression of them.

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