Why People Cheat in a Relationship?

This question bothers all the lovers and has always been a hot topic among the researchers too. Cheating in a relationship is a costly affair. It leads to tears, heartbreaks, devastation, frustration, stress, divorces and in some cases violence too. The question haunts most of the lovers. Everybody knows it’s after effects but still many people do it and push their partners to sufferings.

Lovers have been trying to get an answer to this question and to help you understand the reasons behind why cheaters cheat in a relationship, here’s a list:

Lack of love

Love is what binds two persons in a relationship. And, it is generally found that a few people start to feel being loved less by their partner or assume that the relationship has no more love and charm left motivates the cheaters to look out for new love and indulge in cheating their partners.


Some people especially the ladies have cited to various surveys that the feeling of being neglected, not paying enough attention or not spending quality time by their partners have led them to cheat in a relationship.

Lack of physical satisfaction

Intimacy is something very important in a relationship and feeling unsatisfied with the sex life with the partner is another major reason that leads people to indulge in infidelity.

Want to experience a variety

Some people just want to have sexual pleasures with multiple partners and usually live with the motto “You Only Live Once” and that is why they cheat on their partners.

To practice to perform better on bed

A few of the cheaters in a relationship simply say that to hone their skills between the sheets, they indulge in sexual engagements with other partners. This is the most selfish reason for being unfaithful but to no surprise, many cheaters cheat because of this.

Low commitment

Low commitment is a new problem which millennial are facing these days. People these days get commitment but never promise exclusivity. So, this makes low commitment another major reason for people to be unfaithful.

Out of boredom

Boredom is another major reason that makes most of the cheaters indulge in infidelity.  One partner at a time may feel bored but not cheated but in some cases, when a partner feels bored or less passionate, he/ she simply cheat in a relationship.

Situational factors

Sometimes, people also indulge in infidelity because of situational reasons like sometimes being drunk, under a lot of stress, or just to boost confidence on a vacation etc. Such situational factors too have been a reason for some of the cheaters to cheat in a relationship.

Cheating on a loyal partner is the worst thing that can be given to a partner in return of his or her investment of time and emotions. It leaves a person completely shocked and with after effects which are too difficult to overcome. And, my dear, if you have ever been cheated upon, stop blaming yourself and thinking that it is the end of your happiness.

Have faith in your destiny and stay positive because it is rightly said,

                   “Whatever happens, happens for the best!”

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