Why Paying for College Entrance Is A Crime

As parents, all you want in life is to see your kids succeed in life and become people of high status in society. Some kids may be quite bright but some may not be fast learners like the others or may have a knack for physical skills rather than being book-smart. As a result, they may not be able to qualify or secure a seat in an institution of higher education, given their education prowess.

However, recent news has brought to light cases of rich parents buying out college admissions for their kids, calling out some who were famous celebrities in their heyday. Although to them, it may seem like something trivial, what they have done can be considered a crime and is liable to be punished under criminal law.

Why Paying For College Entrance Is A Crime - College Entry

#1 Unfairness

Paying for your entry into college also means that a deserving student was turned away in order to accommodate you. Some of these students may have aspired to do great things and work hard to maintain their grade points, possibly to turn around the fate of their family that lives in poverty, only to have that chance robbed from them by the rich. Although there are no clear laws on this matter, societal law dictates that such an unfair circumstance is equivalent to cheating and manipulation, both of which are highly frowned upon.

#2 Violation of Law and Statutes

In the USA, there is a statute known as the right to honest services. Under this statute, the public is entitled to receive honest services from public and private organizations that offer any form of services which is beneficial to the members of the public. In a case where anyone is charged with bribing their way to gain an unfair advantage and secure such services for themselves, they may face up to twenty years of fail time under these allowances of the federal law.

#3 Paying = Bribery

This is common sense, really. When you pay someone in good or services to provide you with benefits through illegal and underhanded methods, that’s a bribe. As we all know, bribery has never been a good thing and under federal criminal law, anyone who solicits or pays a bribe can be charged a penalty of up to three times that of the original value of the bribe and/or up to 15 years of incarceration in a federal penitentiary.

#4 Fraud and Falsification

Paying your way into college is also a form of fraudulent behavior, in that, you have used illegal methods to appear as if you deserve to obtain a seat at your college. Besides that, there would also be some forms of document falsifications that would be involved, such as your application, grades and supporting certifications, which deem you fit to be given an entry, while in actual fact, you do not possess the relevant qualifications.

#5 Emotional Distress

Such unscrupulous acts also cause emotional distress to a lot of parties. Firstly, the person who rightfully earned the spot but was denied their rights, they would be devastated to not be able to further their studies and may fall into depression and suicide. As for the person that has been fraudulently admitted into college, they may also be depressed due to inability to cope with the syllabus and weight of their assignments, which may also push them over the edge. Either way, no one wins in this situation.

Why Paying For College Entrance Is A Crime - College Graduates

It is always best to go through honest channels in order to secure a form of benefit for yourself or a loved one. Bribery and fraud may seem like an easy way out, but they have proved, time and again, that the truth always prevails. If you suspect that someone you know or an employee has paid their way through college, a simple background check would be able to provide you with their full educational history.