Why Millennial Divorce Rates Are At An All Time Low

Millennials have been responsible for killing off a lot of old trends with their new ways, and one of them is the trend of getting divorces. A recent study conducted from 2008 to 2016 proved that in just under a decade, divorce rates in the US had dropped nearly 18%. This drop was single-handedly caused by the young millennial woman demography.

This was compared to the trends of baby boomers, who saw a double in the number of divorces for couples aged between 55 to 64 and in cases of couples that were 65 and older, these numbers tripled. A little bit of deeper digging uncovered that the main reasons why the older generation tends to get divorced easily is due to being personally unfulfilled, the shirking of familial responsibilities, differences in views over how children should be raised, these reason being only the tip of the iceberg.

For millennials to have been able to reverse a trend that has been going on since the 50s in such a short time, it could be possible they are on to something and these could be the key points to keeping divorce rates at a continual low.

Divorce Rates - Divorced

#1 Education

Back then, education for women may have been a scarcity. Only those who chose the path and persevered were able to make it in what was considered “men’s territory”. However, increasing movements for gender equality, human rights and women empowerment have spurred on a generation of well-educated women with self-confidence, all of whom are not ashamed to exercise their rights to choose an equally knowledgeable partner. Such partnerships tend to be more open-minded and accepting, leading to a much more lasting and permanent relationship.

#2 Age Factor

Gone are the days where women dreamt of early marriages and being a solely, family-oriented homemaker. These days women are waiting it out to get married. Women are now more than happy to spend much longer being in a relationship with someone before actually getting hitched. As a result of this new trend, women can now fully understand their partners and make a more informed decision on whether they’d like to spend the rest of their lives with that particular person.

#3 Careers

The increasing number of women in higher management positions have given women a sense of empowerment and provided them with the ability to make decisions. This then was applied similarly in their personal life, whereby they did not allow societal rules to dictate their life or marriages and instead, adopted more wholesome and balanced ways of maintaining a relationship. Besides that, some women with high paying careers are also comfortable switching roles with men to become breadwinners, significantly reducing the “pressure to provide” that a man faces when in a marriage institution. Such a compromise has also shown to be able to lead to more lasting marriages.

#4 Equality

If there is one thing that millennials have been highly passionate about, it would be the concept of equality, gender equality to be exact. Women are now seen as equals in a relationship and they are also able to contribute to a relationship, as much as a man would. The wave of equality has washed away beliefs that women need to rely on men for support, both emotionally and financially. Women began putting themselves in the shoes of men and with a new perspective, they were able to understand and communicate more effectively with their partners and share the burden that comes with being in a marriage institution that had been heaped onto the backs of men for decades.

#5 Children

Old rules of society dictated that a woman is only fully complete when they become a mother and millennials are bulldozing right through those beliefs. Recent numbers show that many female young adults are more than happy to wait it out before having kids. Couples that have kids later in life have a much stronger bond with each other and tend to be able to make decisions as a team when it comes to matters involving the children.

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Millennial females may have stumbled upon the recipe for a perfect and harmonious marriage and it seems like they’ve been running with it. However, the key here is to fully understand your partner and how you can be the complement to the relationship. Before entering a marriage, it is also important to know your partner and their background before deciding to commit. If you need to find out if your partner is really who they say they are, our people lookup of public records can help.