Why Cheaters Like Tristan Thompson Never Change

For those who are avid followers of celebrity news and gossip, you may have heard of the recent break down between one member of the Instagram-famous Kardashian clan, Khloe Kardashian and her partner Tristan Thompson. From the looks of it, this is not the first time that Tristan has cheated and if they do keep up their relationship, the likes are that this may not be the last.

Cheating is a complicated and sensitive topic to bring up when we speak about relationships. This is especially hard for those who have a serial cheater as a partner. Not only can such irresponsible behavior be damaging to their relationship and each other, it can also cause pain and anguish to those around them as well. Serial cheaters are usually fueled by some behaviorial characteristics that they can’t shake off and some of these can be clear signs that it’s time to move on from your own versions of Tristan Thompson.

Cheaters Like Tristan Thompson Never Change - Cheating Women

#1 The Love is Gone

For serial cheaters, love can be a subjective matter that goes away as quickly as they fall in love. In some cases, these guys even use their “love” as a façade to get laid. What is sure is that people who have no problems moving on from their previous relationships at lightning speed, usually are not motivated by love. In most cases, don’t be shocked when they admit to not even being in love with you. This is quite common behavior. These people are generally only with you for something else that benefits them, like money or sex.

#2 Irresponsibility

Those who often cheat on their partners are highly irresponsible and more often than not, they are involved in common, aloof behavior such as reckless driving or mixing with drugs. Also, it isn’t their nature to stay true to only one person and they tend to have a “prey and predator” relationship with anyone that tickles their fancy. Once they are done with you, they just move on like nothing happened, with slight or no regards to how they’ve made you feel. Such people, who are baby daddies or baby mamas, would also exhibit minimal care or sense of responsibility over their child with you so don’t be expecting them to share the burden of raising a child.

#3 Difficulty being Loyal

Being loyal can be quite the challenge for serial cheaters. It just is not their nature to be able to stick to only one person and fully grasp the concept of being in love with only one person. This however, could also be triggered by underlying emotional turmoil. People who have no issues being intimate with others while in a relationship commonly have experienced a difficult childhood and were usually bullied. They use their sexual prowess as a way to stay self-confident and to exert “dominance” to prove what they weren’t able to when they were much younger. Some of them may have had parents who were cheaters and knowledge of such unhealthy relationship patterns at a young age can cause it to become ingrained in the child and give them a skewed idea of a relationship.

#4 Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is also another matter to consider when talking about habitual cheaters. People with such tendencies would usually be surrounded by like-minded individuals, reinforcing their need to display the same irresponsible behavior as their peers. In some circles, cheating is considered a status symbol and those who can have the most number of relationships are considered to be superior. Such thought patterns are quite common with men, some of whom even turn the idea of having a relationship with someone into a game and bet on who can sleep with the most number of women.

#5 Habitual Regression

Humans are creatures of habit and we are not excluded from the habit factor in such situations either. Some people who cheat sometimes don’t intend to do it but their actions can be habitual and are a natural response for them, when triggered by particular situations or certain types of people. Besides that, they also don’t really look at the person they are with as another person with feelings, but rather, just a good-looking friend with benefit. As soon as they find someone who is more good-looking than the last, they latch onto the other person at light speed. They also always focus on the physical appearance of someone rather than looking at the emotional fulfillment that their partner can provide them with.

Cheaters Like Tristan Thompson Never Change - Cheating Men

These are just some of the main signs of serial cheaters and if you see any of them in your partner, it would be best to nip your relationship right in the bud and save yourself the heartbreak. Try to catch them in the act and call them out on it. Our phone lookup, email lookup and people search features are always available if you suspect that your partner may be cheating on you with multiple people, behind your back.

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