Impact of Infidelity on Children

An extramarital affair at any stage of a marriage is considered a marriage breaking asset. The partner involved in the extramarital affair always remains afraid about getting the affair disclosed to family and friends. The infidel partner tries best to hide the affair from everyone and expect no one to know about it especially the children. Children are very sensitive and acknowledging the indulgence of a parent in an extramarital affair is shattering for them. The cheater partner can be successful in hiding the affair from outsiders but in the privacy of a home, sooner or later every family member gets to know the sad reality.

Whatever be the age of children, being aware about the unfaithful parent fills them with the feelings of shame, anxiety, and anger. In some cases, they may react abruptly and prefer not to live with the cheating parent. Parents’ infidelity builds a very negative impression on the child and can often bring sadness in the life of the child. In other few cases, children even try to become the caretaker of the betrayed parent and turn completely against the cheating parent. The bitter truth is that when parents indulge in infidelity, children cannot bring them back and can only react to the situation.

Below are a few of the effects of infidelity on children as seen in the most cases:

Feeling of Shame

Sometimes a parent becomes so selfish that he/she makes the child his ladder to climb the stairs of infidelity. In such cases, being aware about the parents’ secret, the child is filled with the feeling of guilt and shame. The child just feels helpless and devastated.

Trust is Lost

When a child learns about the truth of a cheating parent, he/she starts to feel that no relation in the world is trustworthy. Children start to feel that whosoever they love and trust will leave them at some point of life. Their wall of trust breaks apart and they start to feel abandoned.

Anger towards the Cheating parent

Infidelity defines the character of a parent and when a child comes to know about it, it fills the child with a feeling of anger and doubt. In some instances, the child even thinks that it is better to break all chords with the betraying parent.

Children feel embarrassed

Being the kids of unfaithful parents make the children feel embarrassed in the society. They start to stay indoors because of the fear of facing the outside world and feel ashamed. Children even start staying away from their friends to hide the truth of their parents.

Feeling of Confusion

Kids are raised in such a manner that they follow all the actions that the parents do from the day they start growing up. But, what if the parents break the rules themselves? In such a situation, children remain confused as to how to handle such a situation. Children even become confused whether to trust anyone in their life ever again because trust once broken at tender stage of life cannot be rebuild.

Experts suggest that surviving a parents’ affair is always hard on a child. Children often fail to focus on their studies and get diverted by their parent’s deeds. Through this article, we have tried to highlight a few effects of parents’ infidelity on the children. A parent cannot undo what he has done by being unfaithful in his/her marriage. But one thing he/she can do is to help the children in forgetting about the affair and live a normal life.

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