Type of Betrayals that Ruin healthy Relationships

Maintaining relationships and marriages is considered to be a hard job. And, in the present generation of millennials, couples easily give up on marriages and indulge themselves in infidelity. When partners stop loving each other, trust scrapes away. Even a relationship ends when infidelity takes over one of the partner. Cheating is a betrayal that our society focuses mostly on, however, there are various other forms of betrayals that can ruin the happy relationships. Talking about betrayals, it happens mainly because of two reasons:

  1. When one of the partners starts looking for an emotional connection outside the relationship.
  2. And, by not revealing the true desires to avoid the arguments and conflicts.

Some betrayals are strong enough to spoil a healthy relationship or a marriage. The only way to reestablish trust among a relationship is by confronting each other and looking for alternatives to resolve the issues. Below-mentioned are some of the betrayals that can form the basis for ruining a relationship:

Putting your needs above your partner’s and taking him/ her for granted

When you start ignoring the needs of your partner and put your needs as a priority, you start to bring a decline to a happy relationship. Your needs are important and so are your partner’s. Both partners should be able to meet each other’s needs in order to carry out a lively relationship. When there is a sudden drop in the romance and conversations between couples, it gives rise to a dying relationship. All these activities symbolizes that you have started to take up your partner for granted and no longer bother about him/her.

Emotional Infidelity

It is very easy for a working husband/wife to drench a happy relationship unknowingly. Sometimes a new relationship built at a gym or an office can threaten a loving bond at home. This is considered to be emotional cheating and a betrayal like this cannot be handled by the innocent partner in any case. It breaks the person completely from inside and outside. Even if it is a nonsexual relationship, both the partners can get affected by its consequences.

Love based on Conditions

A conditional love never goes a long way. When one of the partners in a relationship imposes some or the other condition to keep the relationship going, it can spoil the relationship thereby, giving rise to a broken marriage or a breakup. Usually, it’s always the partner with a potential of indulging in infidelity who puts in conditions before the honest partner to keep up the relationship moving on. The real cause to impose conditions is the lack of commitment. Couples can never feel supported by each other if one of the partners keeps himself/ herself out of the relationship. A marriage or a love affair is a strong bond and if it is built on the demands of greed and conditions, it can never succeed. Imposing conditions is also considered as one form of the betrayal by a partner.

To conclude, the points discussed in the article gives you a complete insight on the effects of betrayals on a healthy relationship. Some people may not consider it as a serious issue, however, it must be seriously taken into consideration. This article does not specify about who in the relationship is wrong or right rather, it focuses on the reasons that can hamper a relationship. If the problem is analyzed at an early stage, it can repair save and relationship instead of breaking it. So, couples buckle up your shoes and give your best shot to keep betrayals at bay!!

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