Is Someone Impersonating You on Facebook


Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world and billions of people around the world have an active account with Facebook, which they access every day to contact their friends, family and colleagues. However, Facebook is still part of the world wide web and despite the security efforts, there still may … Read more

How Unknown Phone Calls Can Steal Your Identity

How Unknown Phone Calls Can Steal Your Identity

We are all not strangers to getting unknown calls to our phones. These calls can be quite intrusive and frankly, a tad bit annoying since these calls come in at almost any hour of the day. Although they may seem like a few harmless calls, or pranks even, these mystery calls actually have a more … Read more

How Does Identity Theft Happen?

Identity Theft - How Does Identity Theft Happen

Identity theft is becoming an increasingly worrying problem. Reports show that billions and billions of dollars are lost each year due to identity theft and many others are left in ruins due to their stolen identity. But, do we really know how identity thefts happen? Here are some of the most common ways that identity … Read more