Spotting Con Artists

Con artists are, by definition, people who have been trained in the art of tricking someone into believing their web of lies by way of winning over others with confidence. Remnants of history has also told countless tales of people seeking to cheat others, with some of them dating back to the beginning of human history.

However, these master swindlers have a very intricate approach to getting what they want out of their victims and it is, ultimately, up to us to figure out how to spot these highly convincing scam artists, in order to keep ourselves and our wads of cash safe from these prowling crooks.


#1 Sweet Talk

The first thing you’ll notice about a con artist is that they have a very persuasive way with their words. They can lavish you with praise and flattery in order to steer you towards doing what they to do what they want you to. Be wary of those who shower you with unnecessary compliments, they may be making the move to use you for their own gains and you’ll need to be very careful not to get ensnared in their web of false glorification and admiration.

#2 Impeccable Dressing

Con artists are almost always well-dressed and the dressing is not only a vanity measure, but actually plays a huge role in getting people to be convinced in the lies that they are about to monger. It’s only human nature to be easily convinced by words of someone who is dressed to the nines, rather than someone is very casually dressed. The key here is that con artists leverage the natural instinct to trust a person who seems like a professional and appears to know what they are talking about. Take time to look beyond the professionalism and try to logically think about what they’re saying before acting upon it.

#3 Elaborate Promises

Anyone trying to con you for almost any reason will definitely stack promises upon promises in order to get your attention and to gain your confidence in them. Con artists are masters at cooking up elaborate tales and the true professionals can remember even the slightest detail of every lie that they may have ever told you in order to get you to believe their every word. Anything that seems too good to be true might be a snare set-up by them to get you to do their bidding or scam you out of your hard-earned cash.

#4 Extremely Conserved

The second main goal of a con artist is obviously, not to get caught, the first being, trying to get you to fall into their elaborate web of lies for their own personal benefit or pleasure. In order to stay in the game, con artists keep themselves very well hidden and blended into the background, coming out of the cracks only to approach their preys. Besides that, they would rarely mingle with you and your clique and almost always prefer to approach you and speak to you, one-on-one.


Those are just some of the most common characteristics of a con artist that can be easily identifies. These may help keep you safe from such unscrupulous people who exploit others for their own selfish gains. Although most of such hustlers are only interested in money, there are some who would go a step further, handing out the promise of a shared life together. But, after they have achieved their goals or have sought out what they need, they’d just go for the next victim.

Stay alert and don’t be too trusting, especially when the promises seem like they may be embellished to make it sound good to your ears. If you suspect that the person that you are seeing or are in contact with may be a scam or con artist, a simple phone lookup or email search would be able to pull up their whole history in a matter of minutes.