Should you Leave or live with a Cheating Partner?

Infidelity at any stage of a couple’s life is considered to be a sin. A couple cannot always survive cheating in the relationship. Some relations break sooner and some at a later stage. When a smooth running relationship starts to get affected because of a disloyal partner, the affected partner remains in a dilemma whether to leave or live in the relationship. The love and attachment grow to such a level that it is difficult for the innocent one to bear the pain and to even decide whether to leave or to stay with the cheater. Let’s discuss it in both ways.

Firstly, we will discuss the ways affected partner should follow in case he/ she has decided to leave the cheating partner:

Opt for a Legal Advice

Whether you want to file for a divorce or not, you should be able to analyze where you actually stand. Inform your lawyer about everything that has happened; provide him with all the proofs of your husband’s/ wife’s affair. Take proper education about the whole divorce procedure as to how much time it takes and what would be the cost involved, how much time it will take and much more.

Talk to your Close Friends

Talking with someone close can really help you feel supported emotionally in this difficult time. The innocent partners are bounded by plenty of emotions – sometimes filled with anger and rage and, sometimes loneliness and frustration from life. Asking your family and friends for help should definitely be considered as this will motivate you and make your decision of leaving your cheating partner even strong.

Give yourself Financial Security

Securing yourself financially before you move out of your husband’s/ wife’s life can turn out to be a wise decision. Usually, the accounts of husband and wife are combined and thinking of leaving your partner can put you in a dilemma of losing the savings that you have. Before stepping out of the relation, make sure you secure all your accounts and get them separated from your partner’s.

Make Short-Term Plans

Before you move out of a relationship, you should make all the necessary plans such as where you would be living when you move away from your partner. You can even take a property on rent and create a list of the items you would like to take from your marital home.

Tell your partner about your decision

When you and your partner are alone at home, inform him that you have planned to move out of the relationship and have decided to leave him/ her and the home. Also, discuss with your spouse as to what are his expectations from the separation such as how he/ she has planned about your expenses management. You can also let him/ her know about your expectations regarding your and children expenses. If you have a doubt about your husband’s/ wife’s behavior, you can think of discussing the matter with him/ her at a public place.

Living with a cheating partner can be a torture in itself. Why bear such torture when you can stay stress-free by leaving that partner, who could not be loyal to you and your relationship? If the damage is severe and cannot be repaired then, there should be no reason to stay in that loveless relationship.

Do take the above-mentioned points into consideration, if you wish to get rid of a disloyal relationship. This article sheds light on how one married partner can get away from living with a cheating partner. Soon, we will be coming up with another part of this article, stating how you can live with a partner who has cheated in the relationship. Stay tuned for our upcoming articles and blogs


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