Should you Leave or live with a Cheating Partner- Part 2


As we discussed having a life partner who is not loyal to you is a disturbing thing in a person’s life. This traumatic experience can give nightmares to the innocent partner. Many people deal with this reality, and some even live with it. Some couples try to live together thinking that their marriage can survive infidelity while some part their ways. Living with a partner who could not remain honest with you can give be traumatic.

If you have decided to live with a cheating partner, you can take note of the below-mentioned points and implement them:

Figure out why he/ she cheated

Many a time, women feel that their husbands cheat because they could not be a good wife. But the case is vice-versa. Husbands cheat most of the time intentionally because when they see their wife caring a lot for them, they start taking her for granted. When a man can’t get a woman, he goes after her, and when he gets her, he moves on to the other one. These types of men keep on searching for reasons to find out flaws in their wife and make her feel that she could not be a perfect wife. Also, talking about women, they tend to cheat mostly when they are not physically satisfied. This is not the case with everyone and it is thus recommended to find out ways by which the reason behind infidelity can be known.

Ask for a piece of Expert advice

If you have decided to live with a cheating partner, try to make him/ her feel the mistake and realize it. The best alternative would be to talk to a marriage counsellor. An expert can make the things lighter between you and your partner by explaining the importance of marriage and togetherness. Although, taking a piece of expert advice may not stop your husband/ wife from cheating you, but there is a chance that the cheater may think of improving his/ her mistake by being honest towards you.

Do not blame the fascinating other

You should not blame the third person for snatching your partner from you because it’s your spouse who went to the other person. She may not have approached him. The person to blame for this cheating is your loving partner, and it should be only him/ her to bear the consequences of what he/ she did and not anyone else. You should try to make him/ her realize how your beautiful relationship is getting affected by the extramarital affair that he/ she has with the other person.

Try to spend some quality time together

It is important to spare some time and spend it with your partner once you have decided to give your relationship another chance. This will enable you both to figure out what went wrong and how as a couple you guys will work on it for a happy future.

Cheating partners can only be informed about how the relationship is getting affected by their bad deeds. However, if they are not ready to understand the consequences of their acts, they end up losing a partner who has been honest and true to the relationship. It is always the decision of the partner who is being cheated upon to stay in or leave the relationship. There is a whole world waiting for you so, stay strong and decide wisely what you want.

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