Release the pain of a heartbreak: a spiritual guidance

Suffering from a heartbreak is a very painful task and the whole journey to deal with the pain is an arduous one. None of the tips, friends or creative classes can help you deal with it unless you are ready from within to get over it. It is difficult to let go the feeling you feel most comfortable and happy with. And, it is equally true that while dealing with a heartbreak you lose a part of yourself and then, come out to be a stronger person.

There are many articles all over the internet that help you deal with a heartbreak and they help many people too. But, today I will not discuss the ways by which you can divert your mind and forget about the pain rather I will explain the way you can accept the reality and deal with it like a boss. It is a fact that “It is always easy to give an advice than to take it” and I completely agree with it but you got to build up the courage to deal with this unfortunate situation. So, let me share with what I learned from a spiritual guru Dandapani:

Love is a form of energy and everybody knows that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can just be transferred. Now, when one of the partners leaves in a relationship, the heartbreak and the pain that comes with his/ her leaving is unbearable and devastating. Again the question arises: How to deal with this pain?

This pain is again a form of energy that comes from within us on separating with the loved ones and now, how to deal with this pain. The spirituality says, to deal with this pain, you need to transfer this energy. As we know energy in whichever form can never be destroyed so that means you cannot suppress the feelings but can only release them by letting them go.

The best way to transfer this energy is to write down your feelings on a piece of paper and then burn that paper. If burning the paper is not possible for you, then you simply through that paper in a dustbin. The energy has already been transferred while writing down your feelings. Your pain will be converted into another form of energy that flows in the air with the burning of that paper. Now, converting your energy from one form to another will definitely make you feel a little bit better than before. If your pain is very intense, keep on repeating the process and you will surely see one day relieved from the burden of your past and will start leading a normal life like before. 

Don’t be afraid to take a step forward towards a happier future as just one breakup is not the end of the story of your precious life. Make your life beautiful and don’t let the most essential part of it “Love” dissappear.

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