Reasons That Make People Indulge in Infidelity

What drives people to become infidel? When does a friendship out of a marriage or a romantic relationship become illicit? Why do people give up on their partners to whom they swore (or still swear) to be in love with? When does the simple, yet powerful often undervalued phrase of “I love you” misguide the same?

These are some questions that always build up in a sane head and a heart which has loved someone ever. This is exactly what we are going to work upon in this article today, and furnish some very common and uncommon reasons that make people indulge in infidelity while being in a relationship:

Loss of love

The main reason why people cheat is falling out of love as motivation for seeking an illicit relationship. However, this is more likely to mean the cheaters no longer feel their partner loves them, rather than the other way around, as per some relationship experts. It also includes falling in love with a new partner. This is so badly inexplicable and the worst part is that people themselves are unaware of it most of the times because for most people it is very difficult to define love, due to its subjectivity.

Sexual reasons

Now this category is immense. Definitely, sex is important in any romantic relationship (however the same is not true in vice-versa), unhappy sexual experiences with the partners causes people to look for new potential sexual partners. Here, we are not including the “one-night stands” but human relationships lasting for a considerable length. Some people enter such relationships either to improve their sex lives which might not be going well with their actual partners. While some other also go for it due to the want for more sexual encounters, which they are not able to fetch from their actual partners.

Lack of emotional satisfaction and commitment

Seeking emotional intimacy can be nearly as compelling a reason to have an affair as can seeking physical intimacy. People who have had cheated on their partners stated the need for emotional closeness in an affair since felt they were lacking a connection to their primary partners. Also, being appreciated is a key factor in the emotional connection that partners feel toward each other. Some people have also stated they never (anymore) felt a sense of commitment towards their partners anymore which forced them to look out for other partners.

Now, the next two causes of infidelity no matter how absurd they might appear to you are a harsh reality. Relationship experts also recognize these to be very valid reasons for infidelity if not sane:


In a relationship that is already suffering, the desire to hurt a partner who is (or is perceived as) cheating seems to raise the stakes significantly from mere lack of intimacy. Hollywood enjoys exploiting this category, but in reality very few people who did or were done upon infidelity cited this as the main cause of their affairs.

Curiosity and boredom

People who cited this reason felt that they wanted something new; this motivation went beyond curiosity and into some type of contest to measure their sexual prowess. In some cases, they did it because they were just bored with their routine with their actual partners. In very rare cases, people did so for popularity as well.

Infidelity cases clearly represent a complex mix of desire, anguish, and need for connection. If we are to conclude it into a singularity, both the people in a relationship who thought of their partner as someone they were not (or being shown as someone they were not) may feel endless connotation on knowing upon their reality. Whether emotional needs, sex, nature, made the person act in such a manner, there can be no justification or a validation for indulging in infidelity.

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