Marital Cheating-How Men and Women Experience It?

Adultery or marital cheating is a big fear among both men and women especially when they are in a marriage. This is because; infidelity or marital cheating damages marriage, especially the level of trust a person builds with the life partner. Once infidelity strikes in a marriage, innocent partner faces difficulty accepting it, dealing with it and to develop the trust again.

The innocent partner feels devastated and alone while dealing with infidelity and finds difficult to build trustworthy relationships with other people. During the wake of an affair, many lies come out making trusting people hard. However, men and women often tend to define marital cheating or infidelity differently. This creates a significant impact on the way in which women and men perceive deception or experience it, as revealed in the blog post:

Difference in Ideas about Infidelity

Most of the women and men consider sexual contact with any other individual as cheating. However, women often tend to put a higher emphasis on emotional infidelity as compared to men. These include consistently liking photos of a particular woman on various social media platforms, texting any woman privately and similar others. Even in some cases, involving in a close relation with another woman ruins a marital relationship.

Many times, people stay in denial to have any emotional affair, as these relations begin as innocent friendship and do not have any sex, because of which they never consider it cheating in any way. However, emotional relationships, as per the viewpoint of women may become intense even though it is not more than any sexual relations. In contrast, men put higher emphasis on physical cheating only.

Physiological and Psychological Factors

A prime difference between women and men is that men experience sex in the form of a legitimate physical requirement. His body usually tends to indicate him for a sexual release based on various biological factors rooted in the testosterone presen in his body. On the other side, women rarely or do not experience any physiological drive to involve in sex in the same way. Instead, hormonal fluctuations tend a sexual drive for women i.e. the factor, which includes a specific part of the human brain i.e. hypothalamus and female reproductive cycle. In simple words, sexual desire of a woman remains more connected towards emotions and feelings as compared to the sex drive of men.

Friendship with Opposite Sex Results in Cheating

Another major factor that leads to marital cheating both for men and women is their friendship with opposite sex people. When men do not put limits or boundaries with the opposite sex, their friendship results in physical cheating. On the other side, if women fail to do so, such relationships result in emotional infidelity. Even though this does not include physical affairs always, women are often attracted towards the emotional support and attention, which they receive from the opposite sex as compared to their physical needs. When you do not set up boundaries while dealing with friends close co-workers, innocent friendships may turn into an emotional or physical affair.   

The cheaters always show some signs of being indulged in infidelity and once, you have the slightest doubt on your spouse, just take advantage of the developed technology and look for their online activities and run a background check on them.

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