Major Effects of Infidelity on the Affected Couple

Infidelity is one of the most distressed and damaging events that a couple faces. An extra-marital affair challenges the sanctity and strength of a relationship. Infidelity can happen in even the strongest marriages leaving behind the innocent partner devastated. The hurt causes severe physical and mental health issues which may take years to heal.

According to the study published by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, the attribution of blame- whether on innocent one or on the cheating partner- influences the emotional and physical impacts of infidelity. Below are some of the common mental and physical effects that infidelity causes:

Self Loathing or Self-Blame

Self-loathing or self-blame is one of the common after-effects of the innocent partner once they come to know that about the indulgence of the partner in infidelity. Questions like what did I do wrong? Where was I wrong? Was I not supportive? Am I not good-looking? Etc. have a damaging effect on the innocent partner.

One must not think like this as the things already took place in the past and cannot be undone. Try to remain positive as this bad chapter will close one day and this is not the end of life.

Emotional Trauma

When facing infidelity, it is common to feel a myriad of emotions. There are high chances of the innocent partner to fall into a traumatized state and experience a roller coaster of emotions. One must know that this is normal to feel getting cheated by the person you’ve loved the most. At one moment, you may blame the significant other and at the second moment, you may blame yourself. In such a situation, one must not keep such feelings up to oneself. Sharing with a friend, counselor or a family member is a good way to get some relief from the burden of suffering.

Loss of Trust

An infidel partner breaks the trust of the innocent partner for a lifetime. Trust is the foundation of every relationship and on being cheated; it becomes difficult for the person to trust again. This does not end here; the baggage of a bad relationship may remain with the innocent partner for a very long period of time making him/ her doubt their judgment of others. If dealing with trust issues becomes difficult, one may consider taking professional help to deal with it.


Infidelity shatters the person completely inside out and changes the perception of everything of the victim. The person loses trust in people and even an extrovert person becomes an introvert. The pain and in some cases, shame makes the affected person cut down from the social circle. Innocent partners mostly feel alone and emptiness in everything and in all areas of life.

A person who gets cheated on experiences strong emotional and psychological distress. Usually, cheating is not done without thinking of the long-term effects on the life of the innocent partner. It is important to have a strong network of friends who can help you deal with all the negative effects of infidelity and help you lead a happy life. In case, this does not work, there should be no reason not to consult a psychologist to work through the effects of infidelity.    

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