Keeping Your Teens Away From Drugs

Drugs are one of the biggest nightmare of a parent, especially those with an adolescent, young adult. With the rise of designer drugs, made to give teens a “dangerous high”, there is no telling where and how your teen may encounter such deadly drugs. It could be on a quick school trip with their friends, who may be users or even on a night out at the nearest fancy nightclub, you will never know.

From being intoxicated and driving a vehicle while under the influence to risking an overdose, which may lead to death by cardiac arrest, there are countless dangers associated with taking drugs at such a young age. However, there are a few things that you can do as parents to ensure that your teen isn’t getting themselves tangled in something that may just end up being deadly for them.

Keeping Your Teens Away From Drugs - Marijuana

#1 Keep Tabs On Friends

Always keep track of who your teens friends are. From the people that they hang around with at school, right up to the people that they talk to online or via private message, you should be able to know them like the back of your hand. If your teen is hanging out with a new crowd, try to persuade them to bring their new friends over for dinner. This way you would be able to have a rough idea of the kind of people that they’ve been mixing with and weed out the ones that seem shady and are a negative influence. Also, get to know the family of your teens friends, especially their parents and siblings. This would give you insight on the kind of upbringing and background that your teen’s friend is from.

#2 Monitor Their Online Activity

When they’re online, they are open to the very many people waiting to prey on them and drug dealers are one of the entries on that list of predators. Many drug dealers have taken to the Internet to expand their “business” and constantly recruit school-going teens or young adults in college to become their dealers, enticing them with the promise of a quick buck. Always keep an open communication with your teen about their online habits and talk about the people they meet and interact with online. Should they be receiving emails or messages from someone that you suspect may be a drug dealer soliciting their goods to your child, a simple email lookup will give you all the details you need to lodge a report with the authorities.

#3 Control Their Allowances

Having lots more to spend may be the gateway to your teen trying out seemingly “harmless” drugs. Try to give them a carefully budgeted allowance to avoid them from purchasing drugs with the excess that they have at hand. If they request additional allowance or “loans” from you, especially if they’ve been recently frequenting nightclubs with friends, you may want to inquire what the extra dough is for. Should your teen cook up a story or show even the slightest sign of telling a fib, you may need to being worrying about the possibility of your teen dabbling in drugs on their nightly excursions.

#4 Be The Gatekeeper

Common intoxicants like alcohol and cigarettes are regarded as the gateway that lead to the use of much more potent narcotics. Always regulate your teen’s smoking and drinking habits and don’t just shrug them off as the “lesser evil”. Whenever possible, get them to smoke or drink only when you are around to keep tabs on how much or how frequently they do so. No one ever really goes straight to being addicted to crystal meth. Such common and freely available intoxicants are usually the ones that lead to even more pressing addictions later in your teen’s life.

Keeping Your Teens Away From Drugs - Cocaine

Drugs may be closer to your teens than you would like to think. Always keep a close eye on any tell-tale signs of behaviorial changes or mood swings with your teen as well as the clique that they keep. If you find any suspicious looking pills lying around the house or their room, confront them about it and nip the problem in the bud. If you find that they have been texting or emailing a shady figure, a simple phone lookup or email lookup can give you all the details on whether the person really is a drug dealer.