How To Spot A Sex Offender

It seems that sexual offences are rampant these days. No one seems to be safe from these starved, animalistic humans that forcefully extract sexual favors from others. Be it adults, teens or even young children, it doesn’t matter to a sex offender. Almost anyone is game in their unsatiable sexual cravings.

These people look just like everyone else and it can be tricky to tell them apart from the crowd. However, there are a few subtle differences in the way that they behave and carry themselves, when compared to any Tom, Dick or Harry. These traits give you a way to spot a sex offender from a mile away.

How To Spot A Sex Offender - Pedophilia_Girl

#1 They are manipulative

Being manipulative helps them achieve their goals fairly easily. They usually target people with low self-esteem or those that are easily manipulated, like young children and teens. They can also make use of your insecurities and guilt trip you into doing what they want you to do. They also keep you bound to them by emotionally threatening and blackmailing you into believing that they are what you need in your life.

#2 They disempower their victims

Often, these sexual predators get their way by subtly putting down their sexual prey. They constantly play the victim and blame their sexual targets for being the one in the wrong. This deadly game of cat and mouse eventually causes the victim to believe that they are making the mistakes and that their predator is actually looking out for them. At this point, the victim begins to believe everything their predator says, empowering the sexual predator to do as they please with their “game”.

#3 They isolate their victims

Most sexual predators make their victims feel worthless and unloved by others, except themselves. This way, they create a complex in which their victims feel a need to have them around in order to feel better. In turn, they will keep using their victims for their sexual needs. The victim eventually becomes detached from family and friends and becomes fully dependent on the sexual predator, all the time thinking that this is what is best for them

#4 They push sexual boundaries

Sexual predators are never satisfied with vanilla. They are always looking for rough, forceful and sadistic ways to reach their sexual high. As a result, they will begin to coerce their victim into having sexual relations in the way they want it to be. This can be very risky and can sometimes even be harmful to the victim, especially if the predator decides to involve other people without the victim’s knowledge. In the worst cases, these can even lead to cases of gang rape and accidental deaths.

#5 They normalize the abnormal

Sex offenders often spend a lot of time getting into their victim’s head. They tend to make their victims believe that the relationship they have is just as normal as anyone else’s. Eventually, the victim begins to believe that this is actually what they deserve and keeps trying to please their “partner” by doing all their bidding, despite being things that are excruciating to the victims themselves.

#6 They feel entitled to their victims

There is always the need to control in a prey predator relationship. The sexual predator will go to lengths in order to keep their victims in check and ensure that they do not challenge the authority. Their victims are also expected to return favors and these favors are usually more lopsided towards the predator. They also begin to dictate everything about their victims and restrict them from moving about and meeting people.

How To Spot A Sex Offender - Pedophilia_Boy

These toxic traits are the ones that will help you spot a sex offender amongst the people you know and love. Do keep in mind that these sexual predators are as they are due to their own troubled and traumatic past and they would not hesitate to inflict the same onto their victims as a way of feeling better about their past experiences.

When dealing with a sex offender, be extremely delicate and cautious as the slightest feeling of being attacked may provoke them to do worse things to their victims and the people around them. If you suspect that someone you know may be a sex offender, try out our sex offender lookup for direct access to publicly available information on your local sex offenders to confirm your suspicions and contact the local authorities immediately.