How to Find Out if Your Partner is Being Unfaithful to You

Infidelity is never an easy pill to swallow. It becomes even more difficult when you have to find out, as opposed to your partner owning up to what they did. However, the truth is simple- albeit bitter- fact that will set you free eventually.

To wit, if you’re suspecting your partner of some form of infidelity, the following methods can help:

See if they’ve become different about their phone. 

If your partner used to leave their phone out on the table for a long time, or if they were the type of person to leave home without taking their phone along, but suddenly the get really cagey and attached to that hone, then it might be a possible cheating sign.

    • If they never leave their hone out any longer, if they throw fits when they can’t find their phone, if they don’t check their messages when you’re there or if they just generally act weird around their phone, then you might have some genuine reasons to worry.
    • If your partner suddenly puts a password on their phone when you know they never cared about their privacy before, then you might have to worry
    • If they step out to take a phone call and they return with a sudden change in demeanor, then you might have to wonder who the person on the other line is.
    • If you walk in when they’re on the phone and they suddenly hang up, then they might be talking to someone else.
    • If they used to be very committed to answering whenever you call, but now  they can seemingly go hours without your being able to get a hold of them, that tie might be spent with someone else
  • If they shut their phone down for hours and you know they never used to do that, you might have an issue

Notice their body language

Your partner’s body language can also give quite a lot away about whether they’ve been seeing someone else or not. The truth is that while your partner might be good at saying the right things and making you feel good with words, but the language of the body never lies.

Note things like the level of eye contact you get, the level of physical affection they show you (especially in public), whether they suddenly turn away from you whenever you are talking, and things like that. The body is very expressive, and even if you might try to lie and soldier through something you just don’t like anymore, the body will always tell you off.

Look through their things. 

Although the truth is that this step is a quick way to lose the trust of your partner (especially if they actually AREN’T cheating), you might want to give this method a try if you’re sure beyond any reasonable doubt that your partner has been cheating.

To wit, make sure to look through the following if you’re looking for concrete proof of infidelity:

    • Look through their phone: If your partner is a tech savvy person, then this might be a tad difficult. However, if they’re not, then you can look for banter with people that you’ve never even heard of. The other party’s number might not be locked on their phone, so look through stuff like texts  and chats instead
    • Check their personal computer: Laptops, PC, tablets, etc. fall into this category. Proof of cheating can be found in places like your partner’s Email inbox, Facebook messages, etc. Also, if your partner has been meticulous with deleting their messages ad Emails, it might be a sign of infidelity as well.
    • Check their stuff: You can also check their suitcase, wallets desks, or even their clothes
    • Check the finances: Look for times when they’ve spent a lot of money at places where you never heard of.
  • Search through their stuff: Go through his suitcase, desk, wallet, or even the pockets of his pants for clues. You can check the dates when these monies were spent and try to remember where they said they were. For instance, if they said they were working late one night and they ended up splashing the cash on a lavish dinner or on a shopping trip, then you have a big reason to be concerned.