How To Deal With Shady Neighbors

We’ve all heard stories from our peers about a neighbor whose actions raises eyebrows. As we hear these horror stories about shady and questionable behavior unfold next door, a slight fear begins to creep into all of us. After all, it is a valid and not to mention, natural reaction. And we begin to wonder if our own neighbors are shady. Well, here’s how you can tell if they are.

Shady Neighbors _1

#1 They exclusively use the back entrance of their home

People only use the back door of their homes for two reasons. One, they’d misplaced or forgotten their keys. Two, they have something to hide. If their guests also exclusively use the back door, then you best believe that your neighbor may be up to some shady stuff.

#2 They move using bags instead of boxes

Nothing says “ I-left-in-a-hurry” like moving with trash bags. If someone had to pack their belongings into trash bags and move, it’s a sure sign that they were trying to run away from some underhanded dealings or are even trying to evade the authorities.

#3 They avoid answering questions about their past

When you casually ask them about what they used to do before they moved and you get a reaction of unease, that’s indication that your new neighbor may not be as great as they seem. And if you feel like you’re being lied to, a simple background check would help you fact check. Just to be on the safe side.

#4 Their lawn looks like a dumpster fire

No one neglects their home better than someone who needs to keep something away from the public eye. The “no-one-lives-here” look effectively keeps people away and may even spark a few neighborhood horror stories. This is just what your neighbor needs, if they have something that they need to hide.

#5 They dispose their trash as far away as possible

People who have some shady secrets are always paranoid about people watching and keeping tabs on them. One definite indicator of this paranoid behavior is throwing their waste where others can’t reach them.

Shady Neighbors _2

These signs don’t tell you for sure if your neighbor is the leader of an underground gang or has some shady business out of town. But, if they display all the above behavior, chances are that they may not be one of the upstanding pillars of your neighborhood community. Should you need more details to determine your neighbors “shadiness”, as simple public record lookup will tell you all you need to know.

So, what if we really do have shady neighbors? More importantly, how do we keep or families and neighborhood safe from these people and their underhanded dealings? Here are some ways you can use to deal with your shady-people-next-door.

  • Act cool – Don’t give away what you know to your neighbor. Avoid acting differently than you would under normal circumstances. This would be a dead giveaway to your neighbor that you may know something you have no business knowing. Just keep up the charade and do your best to not let them suspect anything of you.

  • Contact building management – If you live in a shared building, it’s best to get the management involved. Inform them on your suspicions. Also, try to assess your current situation and weigh your options at this point. How safe are you in your building at this moment? Do you need to move out? If you do, try to see if you can end your contract or lease earlier in order to facilitate your move.

  • Take note of the happenings – Note down all the comings and goings of your neighbors and their guests. Also, be wary if there have been any arguments or fights that you’ve overheard and note the particular dates. This would help the police, should things escalate and get out of hand.

  • Don’t spy about their place – Avoid snooping around your neighbors place for further evidence to support your suspicions. This could be pretty dangerous, especially if your neighbor is really involved in shady business and dangerous underground activities. Also, it’s considered trespassing and is chargeable by law.

  • Run a background check – Chances are that if they’re part of any illegal or hidden operations, they may be living under aliases. Nevertheless, a simple public record lookup wouldn’t hurt. And if they indeed are using their own name, you could easily gauge if your neighbor really is someone you should be wary about.

  • Alert the police – Let the authorities do the dirty work of investigating on your behalf. They would know what to look for and how to deal with dangerous people better than you do. You could also ask a friend to do it for you.

  • Find a new place – If you feel unsafe around your neighbors, it would be best to move out to a different place. However, when you do, act normally and don’t give away the real reason why you’ve decided to move. Should the shady neighbor casually inquire the reason for your move, make up a plausible story and stick with it.

Remember to always assess the situation thoroughly before taking the big steps of moving houses or reporting your neighbor to the building management or relevant authorities. The general signs can be pretty vague and you might need to do some additional digging to be sure that your neighbor is indeed someone that you and the people around you should be genuinely worried about.

Some of these guys could be more dangerous than they seem on the outside. Never act alone and always inform someone you trust about the ongoings around you. This ensures that the authorities have someone to give them evidence of wrongdoing, should something happen to you in the process. It’s also best not to stir the pot unnecessarily and create unwanted issues between yourself and your neighbors, if there isn’t a legitimate reason for it.

A simple background lookup would be the best option for you to go with in this kind of situation. Try out our people search to get the full profile of your neighbors before you make a serious move against them.