How Effective Will Gun Control Laws Be In Preventing Public Shootings

In the light of the recent shootings in the USA and New Zealand, governances all around the world have been checking up on their own gun control laws, in hopes that such gruesome events do not repeat on their own soil. As ministers and lawmakers worldwide push for stricter gun control laws, there has been debate on how effective these stringent policies would be in preventing public shooting cases.

Many are in the notion that inflexible gun control laws will be adequate to ensure that gun owners and sellers would be more prudent in their gun use and sale practices. Additional laws, prohibiting the use of guns by a certain demographic as well as restrictions on certain gun types have also been proposed to work alongside existing policies to further strengthen the efforts of public shooting preventions. Let’s take a look at how gun control laws would work towards ensuring much safer gun use in the country.


#1 Limiting Gun Ownership

Limiting gun ownership would prevent those who are unfit to have guns in their possession to ever own or use a gun. This would prove beneficial especially if the person has had a history of abuse, violence or even domestic brutality. People with violent tendencies are capable of nurturing hatred within themselves and one day, may run amok as a result of long-term loathing. Such a personality having firearms to their name can only cause more harm than good. In some states like Missouri, anyone with intent to own a gun should first obtain a permit-of-purchase, which has helped to reduce gun purchases in the state, significantly.

#2 Stricter Background Checks

Stricter and more thorough background checks have also been put forward, accompanied by longer review period for such background checks. This will ensure that people with past history of criminal activity would be thoroughly investigated before they are allowed to own a firearm. In addition to that those being treated for medical issues like anger management problems, clinical depression and even anxiety can be quickly identified through such rigorous procedures, allowing the relevant authorities to make informed decisions when passing out gun ownership to members of the public.

#3 Policies for Gun Sellers

Increased scrutiny of gun vendors and additional policies that need to be adhered to during the sale can also significantly reduce gun ownership. The proposed universal background check for every single gun sale in the US is expected to help prevent too many firearms from being sold to any Tom, Dick or Harry who feels that they need to have a gun in their possession. Such sale policies have also been projected to help reduce the number of available firearms in the black market, which is where most gangs and those prohibited by law for gun ownership make their firearm purchases. In some states, high-caliber magazines are also being banned from sale.


By imposing limitation on ownership, having more rigorous, inflexible and thorough background checks as well as controlling measures when it comes to firearm sales to member of the public, these are expected to work hand-in-hand to reduce the number of guns and rifles present amongst general society, thus reducing the chances of a public shooting from occurring.

Additional policies like permits to purchase as well as purchase wait-time have also been delaying people from making rush purchases of guns, which is crucial when dealing with gun owners who may have been in a disturbed state of mind when requesting the purchase. A waiting period would reduce the chances of them getting a dangerous weapon in order to be used as means of revenge or as a method of coping with their mental issues.

All-in-all these measures have been somewhat successful in keeping gun violence down. However, there still are loopholes here and there, which is what the governance is racing to rectify so that there would be zero public shooting instances on US soil in the coming future. If you know someone who is unfit to own a gun and have your qualms about the way they may be using their firearm, our people search lookup would be able to give you all the supporting evidence that you need.