Dangers of Dating Apps

The dating scene has experienced some drastic changes to its landscape in recent years. The incorporation of technology into the common courtship patterns have created dating trends that were never thought of before such as, speed dating and dates via dating sites and apps. These fancy new dating tools are all the rage and have given people a quicker way to find their one true soulmate.

Unfortunately, this advancement in the way people find love in their lives did not really work out for everyone. Dating apps and sites began getting negative attention with reports of crimes, assault and date rapes being associated with meetings and date that were arranged via these futuristic dating options.

As much as dating apps are convenient and efficient, it is best to keep an eye out for any danger that may be lurking behind the scenes of your arranged date. Here are just some of the dangers of dating apps, to help you arrange a safe and secure outing with the one that may become yours forever.

Dangers of Dating Apps - First Date

#1 Stranger Danger

We may never have met the people that we speak to via dating apps or the ones that we chat with via online dating sites. Anyhow you look at it, these people are strangers at the end of the day and there is usually no telling what their real motives are for chatting with you and arranging to meet with you. If you are a teen, it is best to meet up with this person with an accompanying adult to prevent anything unwanted from taking place. As for adults, take a friend along or try to arrange double dates so that you can keep each other safe.

#2 Stalker Behavior

Sometimes, the ones that we find on these dating apps may not be the “dream boat” that we’ve had in our countless love fantasies. Lots of women, especially young adults, have reported that their online dates had displayed behavior similar to that of stalkers, right after their dates. Keeping this in mind, it may be a good idea not to divulge too many personal details on the first date, lest something creepy like this occurs. If you’re a victim of such stalking, try your best to discreetly record these stalkers and make a police report, for your safety and that of your family members.

#3 Personal Data Breach

We can get quite carried away with our new fancy-schmansy dating profiles that we set up online and sometimes, we put in way more personal details than is needed for a first date. Dating sites and apps, at the end of the day, are products of technology and can have loopholes that no one may be aware of. All it takes to use this coding loopholes is to have a computer and some computer programming skills. With these two tools, it’s a breeze to hack into such sites and gain access to your personal details, right down to your location and personal contact details.

#4 Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment has been a long standing issue and has begun to run rampant, in line with the introduction of technology into the dating landscape. With chat features and messaging apps built-in into dating sites and apps, there have been increasing instances of nudes sharing and unsolicited pictures of nether regions. Sadly, it doesn’t stop there. Countless people have reported being molested and groped on their first date. To avoid being a victim of these yourself, always keep vigilant and note any shift in behavorial patterns of your online date that may indicate an impending sexual assault.

#5 Predatory Tendencies

The word pedophile is no longer an anomaly in our society and that itself is a clear indicator of the grave state of sexual predator behavior amongst members of the society. Dating apps nowadays are even used by tweens and high-schoolers, creating a new wave of pedophiliacs that use such dating platforms to hook up with these young adults for their own selfish sexual gains. Aside from these reports of pedophilia, there have also been cases where young women have been forced to take part in intercourse with their dates, despite meeting them only for the first time. It is always safer to go on group dates or to have your date in a crowded place to avoid being a victim of these ruthless predators.

Dangers of Dating Apps - Tinder/Grindr

As fun as dating apps may seem, they do indeed have a dark side to them. Use them, but use them wisely and with discretion. Be sure to always take extra precaution and always let someone know your whereabouts, just in case you need swift help. Is your gut feeling telling you that your online date may be a serial rapist or a pedophile? Our people search would be able to confirm that in just seconds.