Is Your Co-Worker A Gang Member

We spend nearly 80% of our waking adult life surrounded by co-workers. These are people that you interact with on a daily basis and they do become an integral part of your life, seeing as they are always within close proximity to you and may also be privy to details of your personal life, much like second family.

But, what if your co-worker is not really who they say they are? You may not know it but your co-worker may just be part of a gang. A gang is defined as a group of similar people who join forces and collectively engage in criminal activity. Members of such gangs often display obvious signs that they are in a gang, and if you do suspect that your co-worker may be one, you need to keep a lookout for these signs.

Gang Member - Group

#1 Tattoos

More often than not, gang members are required to have a tattoo that identifies them as a member of a particular gang. This tattoo may be a symbol, the gang logo, a set of numbers or even a random animal that has been chosen to represent a particular gang. Besides those tattoos, some more serious criminal groups have tattoos of their kill counts, usually on their arm or on their face, in a shape of a teardrop.

#2 Jewelry

Gangs display their status using jewelry. Depending on how big or valuable a gang is, their jewelry style will follow suit. Usually, those with large, chunky gold jewelry as well as hefty precious stones may indicate that they may be part of a group that is criminally inclined and that their displayed wealth may have been from illegal channels.

#3 Body Modifications

Although body modifications have been gaining attention in recent years, gang members have been utilizing this as a way to identify their gang members. More often than not, members of a gang will have similar piercings and may also have the logo of their gangs branded onto their skin. Such body modifications are usually a sign that they pledge allegiance to the gang.

#4 Gang Slang

The gang slang is a dead giveaway of anyone that is in or somewhat associated with a criminal gang. Each gang will have a unique speech pattern and the slangs that they use would be consistent amongst gang members. They would also have their own, individual code words for certain things, especially anything illegal, such as drugs, illegal weapons or even when referring to a rival.

#5 Use of Technology

Gangs have also gotten with the times. They primarily communicate via phone and email. These communication channels are frequently used to organize criminal activity and also to recruit new gang members. If your co-worker uses gang slang or code words over the phone, it’s highly likely that they may be a member of a gang.

Gang Member - Fight

Keep your eyes peeled for these signs and you would easily be able to tell if your co-worker is a part of a criminal group. Such gang associations can be dangerous and in some extreme cases, deadly, especially when gang rivalry is involved. Most gang members have spent their whole life in crime and they will not hesitate to take a drastic move, such as taking a life.

If you have a notion that your co-worker is a gang member and that they may have a hand in criminal and illicit activities, a quick background search on your co-worker will reveal their criminal history as well as public arrest logs and case files. These details will help you take the necessary actions to keep yourself and your family safe from being victims of gangs and street rivalry.