Is Celebrity Immunity to Crime A Real Thing

We’ve often heard about celebrities being embroiled in controversy over having committed a crime. From minor assault charges and felonies, like bribery and fraud, right up to more serious crimes such as child molestation and sexual violence, the celebrity world has seen its fair share of almost everything.

But, there seems to be a pattern with crimes that have been associated with celebrities. Aside from being widely covered by the media due to their star status, it can be also noted that quite a number of crimes committed by these idolized members of society have been quietly swept under the rug, all due to something that comes with being a celebrity, celebrity immunity.

This celebrity immunity has been the point of debate since the existence of Hollywood and although many believe this to be just a myth, history has proven that this immunity is indeed very real. And, it’s quite common for celebrities to have a few ways or influences that they can use to control the proceedings of things, after their involvement in the crime has been announced to the public.

Celebrity Immunity To Crime - Network/Influence

#1 Fame

Like they say in movie land, fame is a funny thing. For celebrities, fame is what gets you the lime light but at the same time, it also leaves your personal life bare for everyone to see. The thing about fame is that, in most cases, it attracts a legion of loyal fans that would be willing to do anything for their favorite icon. Celebrities are well aware of this and some of them choose to exploit their legion of loyal fans to squeeze in a few favors and pull some strings to get their charges lessened or dropped, even, in exchange for a picture with them or even a signature. Bribing them with such things that can later be used as social proof about the meeting with that particular celebrity is held to be much more valuable amongst members of the society than actually bringing justice to light in the majority of cases.

#2 Money

Money does indeed make the world go round. Everyone is well aware that celebrities have lots of wealth to their name and it’s a simple feat for them to produce bribes here and there to pay off people in the justice system, in order to get away with their crimes. Besides that, the society has also been conditioned to treat the rich with a special hospitality, and this is exactly what happens when a celebrity is linked to a crime. The fact that they are so wealthy overshadows the fact that they have committed a crime and sooner or later, their charges would be forgotten. Also, some people in the justice pipeline, who are enticed by the amount of wealth these icons have, would also offer to help with their cases, for a sum of money, leaving no room for justice to prevail.

#3 Network

With fame and fortune comes a large scale network. Celebrities know many people and quite a number of people in a celebrity’s circle would be influential people, either in business or in government organizations. Celebrities can use the power of their network to easily solicit favors from their influential friends and get away with almost any crime. Usually, there is some form of remuneration that would be agreed upon between the two parties, most commonly a lump sum of money or even an appearance as business ambassadors, mostly if these celebs are leveraging their network from the business end. In return, these influential figures pull a couple of strings and before you know it, the celebrity goes free.

Celebrity Immunity To Crime - Network

Celebrity immunity is indeed a real thing. However, we must also realize that society is part of this as well. We hold celebrities on such high pedestals, so much so, what they say goes, a majority of the time. Also, it is members of the public, working in the justice system that are willing to sacrifice the very justice that they are working for, for a couple of pictures with a celebrity

If we don’t start treating celebrities like what they are, common members of society, there will be no end to this celebrity privilege. Curious about which celeb committed a crime? Run your favorite icon’s name through our people search engine and find out.