Pedophile Teachers : How Safe Is Your Kid At School


Teachers are the people that we entrust our kids with every day, in hopes that in their hands, our kids would be able to get a good education and leave the school with a diploma in hand, ready to face the challenges of the real world. The society has had lots of respect for teachers … Read more

Why Military Sexual Assault Rates Are Rising


Sexual assault has been a long standing issue and both men and women have fallen prey to sexual predators in their workplaces, homes and even out on the street. Much has been done by the government, volunteers groups and even organizations to try and curb the rising numbers of sexual assault cases, within general society. … Read more

How To Spot A Sex Offender

How To Spot A Sex Offender - Rape_Woman

It seems that sexual offences are rampant these days. No one seems to be safe from these starved, animalistic humans that forcefully extract sexual favors from others. Be it adults, teens or even young children, it doesn’t matter to a sex offender. Almost anyone is game in their unsatiable sexual cravings. These people look just … Read more