Guide To Surviving Domestic Violence


Domestic violence has been on the rise in recent years and these spiraling numbers have begun to cause worry among members of society. Many people think that domestic violence is restricted to physical violence, inflicted by a domestic partner. However, domestic abuse encompasses much more than only physical violence. Verbal abuse and threats are also … Read more

Legalizing Abortion : Is It A Crime


The debate between the pro-life and pro-choice groups have been a long-standing battle and as of now, no one seems to have been able to reach a conclusive outcome that is acceptable to everyone in society. Most people who are devout religionists have shown strong opposition against the idea of legalizing abortions, quoting scriptures and … Read more

5 Signs That Your Partner Has A Second Family

5 Signs That Your Partner Has A Second Family - Second Marriage

A family institution is the most basic building block in a society. And our family are the ones who are the nearest and dearest to us, we would give up anything just to keep our families happy, healthy and safe. Our family is with whom we share our greatest triumphs and our concealed vulnerabilities. Ultimately, … Read more

Major Effects of Infidelity on the Affected Couple


Infidelity is one of the most distressed and damaging events that a couple faces. An extra-marital affair challenges the sanctity and strength of a relationship. Infidelity can happen in even the strongest marriages leaving behind the innocent partner devastated. The hurt causes severe physical and mental health issues which may take years to heal. According … Read more

Impact of Infidelity on Children


An extramarital affair at any stage of a marriage is considered a marriage breaking asset. The partner involved in the extramarital affair always remains afraid about getting the affair disclosed to family and friends. The infidel partner tries best to hide the affair from everyone and expect no one to know about it especially the … Read more