Marital Cheating-How Men and Women Experience It?


Adultery or marital cheating is a big fear among both men and women especially when they are in a marriage. This is because; infidelity or marital cheating damages marriage, especially the level of trust a person builds with the life partner. Once infidelity strikes in a marriage, innocent partner faces difficulty accepting it, dealing with … Read more

Type of Betrayals that Ruin healthy Relationships


Maintaining relationships and marriages is considered to be a hard job. And, in the present generation of millennials, couples easily give up on marriages and indulge themselves in infidelity. When partners stop loving each other, trust scrapes away. Even a relationship ends when infidelity takes over one of the partner. Cheating is a betrayal that … Read more



Relationships form the basis of everybody’s life. Sometimes, relationships can be very tricky to handle especially when there are chances of one of the spouses to indulge in infidelity. This not only shatters a person emotionally but also shakes his/ her trust for the remaining times. Technology in these matters offers a number of solutions … Read more

5 Easy Steps for surviving infidelity


Whether it is an affair or a marriage, infidelity is a dangerous thing to ruin both the lovely relationships. An affair can still be survived but healing from infidelity is a very painful and strong thing it to. It takes a lot of courage and continuous efforts to survive it. The couples can together survive … Read more

5 Interesting Ways to Prevent Infidelity in Your Life


Infidelity is a choice but the interesting fact is that it too can be prevented- and it certainly should be! By cheating your better half, you don’t only lose a true lover forever but also break the trust they have put in you. Modern workplaces have been the most common areas where the infidelity happens. … Read more

Apps that Cheaters use to Hide their Secret Romance


Living in a loveless relationship is the most difficult thing a person has to face. Due to the technological advancements, it has become a bit easier to catch a cheating partner these days; all you need is to be a bit smart. It is impossible for a cheater to not use his/ her mobile phone … Read more

Know how Rebound Relationships may prove to be a boon for Broken Hearts


A rebound relationship is a relationship in which a person gets involved shortly after coming out from a past love relationship. After a breakup, there comes a certain time when a person feels emotionally disturbed, confronts various targets set by the couple together and many such things that disturb the mental peace and is upsetting … Read more

What is Counted as “Cheating in a Relationship”?

Cheating in a relationship has different meanings for different people. But whatever the meaning is for a person, getting cheated by a person you love the most is the most disastrous thing that can ever happen to a partner. Its effects are long-lasting and disturbing enough to disrupt your daily life for some time and … Read more

Why People Cheat in a Relationship?

This question bothers all the lovers and has always been a hot topic among the researchers too. Cheating in a relationship is a costly affair. It leads to tears, heartbreaks, devastation, frustration, stress, divorces and in some cases violence too. The question haunts most of the lovers. Everybody knows it’s after effects but still many … Read more