Best Apps to Spy on Text Messages of a Cheater in a Relationship

Infidelity in a relationship is so common these days that whether a person is in a long-distance relationship or in a marriage or in an affair, it is the major reason of maximum breakups. It is very hurting to get cheated by a cheater in a relationship and is equally hard to deal with the breakup even.

But, thank God for being born in the technological era. Unlike the old times where catching a cheater was very difficult, today you can easily catch a cheater with the various mobile apps. In the present time, everybody is active on social media platforms for the sake of regular communication and these apps are exactly targeted by the spy apps to catch a cheating partner. Let’s take a look at the spy apps that monitor the text chats of the cheater partner:


One of the best apps of the modern time for getting in-depth information about the cheating partner’s chat history on all the devices. It is a utility app and digs deeper into the file structures of the cell phone or tablet and extract more information as compared to all other present devices.

Most importantly, it is free for lifetime and comes with timely updates as well.

Highster Mobile

Available in the market for nearly 8 years, Highster mobile app has been downloaded for more than 1 million times. This superior text message spy app tracks SMS and messages from any available device. It even retrieves the old and deleted messages from the device. It has even worked perfectly for iPhones and has helped catch many cheaters cheating in a relationship. This app is a paid app and comes no additional fees.

AutoForward Spy

Another rockstar spy app available at an extremely affordable price to catch the cheaters is Auto Forward Spy app. It works perfectly with Android and iPhone apps and comes packed with many features.

This app allows you to:

  • view browser history of the target device
  • spy on text messages
  • record calls
  • monitor social media
  • monitor and record e-mails
  • track via GPS
  • track incoming and outgoing calls
  • take photos remotely and much more

This app is a huge hit among the couples to spy on their spouses’ phones without having the possession of their phones.

These were the best 3 Spy apps that lets you to track the activities of your partner in case you doubt them of cheating you. All these apps come with no monthly fees and are reliable enough to track the cheaters activities without having the possession of his or her phone.

For more information and helpful tips on cheating spouses, check out our cheaters apps page, where you have a tool at your disposal.