Relationships form the basis of everybody’s life. Sometimes, relationships can be very tricky to handle especially when there are chances of one of the spouses to indulge in infidelity. This not only shatters a person emotionally but also shakes his/ her trust for the remaining times. Technology in these matters offers a number of solutions which can be opted to keep a check or to validate any such doubts on any of the spouses. So, here are some of the apps which can help a spouse or partner in tracking the activities of the other half:


FoneMonitor is regarded as one of the leading apps which can be used by any person to keep an eye on the cheating spouse. This app is widely used for its compatibility with not only iPhone but android system as well. Its success is also directly attributable to its support system which involves some of the most famous social media websites and apps including Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Snapchat etc. It is equally easy to use and also the user never becomes aware of any such tracking thereby offering a one-step solution to such a major problem.


Among the market full of cheater catching apps, mSpy is another reliable app that can be used by any person for tracking the activities of any targeted device. One of the key features of this app is that it works silently in the background where the cheating spouse does not get any whiff of any such presence of such spying. It helps in not only monitoring calls and messages but also helps by tracking emails and other social media messages from various platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook etc. The feature that separates this app from the remaining is that it consumes very less power which also increases the longevity of the battery. It is also compatible with Android phones, Windows, iOS and Mac OS.


This app is ranked amongst the top 3 apps in the list of best spy apps for tracking activities of cheating spouses. It like the above-stated apps that provide all the services like access to calls, messages and other social media accounts such as Facebook, Whatsapp of the cheating spouse and also the browser history of such targeted spouse. The app is quite easy to use.

The user just needs to create an account and then activate the same software on the targeted phone. After its activation, the person needs to start monitoring of the activities from the control panel of the software. It is also compatible with all the Android and iPhone devices.


iPhones do not make it easy when it comes to such tracking but having the icloud id comes in handy for sure. This app provides access to messages, calls, emails, photos etc. and that too without jail breaking the basic software. It also provides access to many social media accounts of such cheating spouse. This app is also compatible with both android and iPhone devices.

Using all the above-mentioned apps, you can clear all your doubts and see if your loved one is cheating on you or not.

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