Best Apps for Catching a Cheater in a Relationship

Two most essentials components of a successful relationship are trust and honesty, but sometimes in a few cases the partners do not realize the same and they tend to overstep the line. When the line is crossed either voluntarily or through a mistake, it can bring a very difficult time for the other partner. So, the partners generally have the tendency to keep a check on another half by monitoring their day to day activities.

As we are living in the era of technology, tracking the activities of a person has never been so easy in the past. Some of the best ways to do the same and not let the other partner worry about the same is the use of spy apps to keep a check on the activities of a partner especially on the mobile phone. Following are some of the best applications which deal with monitoring the activities of one’s partner on their phone especially without letting them know the same:


This application is one of the most regarded and used application in case of cheating spouses for both Androids and iPhones. The reason for its success rests on the fact that it not only supports but also provides for almost all the popular social media websites and apps in its ambit. Some of the applications under it include Facebook, whatsapp, Skype, snapchat and many more.

This particular application focuses on providing a one-stop solution to the cheated spouse when it comes to monitoring. Further, the user interface is very user oriented and not very complex. The last but the most important feature about this app is that the target phone never realizes about their activity being tracked.

Couple Tracker free

This app is also equally competent in the market as it keeps the partners updated about each other’s activities. This application not only allows the concerned couple to share their call and text messages but Facebook likes and GPS locations as well which can work for both the partners in a relationship.

Though this app can only work with the mutual consent of both the partners which also keeps away the couple from any type of infidelity or unwanted affair. But the biggest drawback with this application is that it is compatible with Android phones only and they do not support any other operating system.


Amongst the leading spy apps, mSpy is also highly regarded especially for its uncanny ability to work silently in the background of other apps which also enable the partners to get an edge as the cheating partner is not able to get any whiff of its presence. This app like other apps has a wide ambit when it comes to monitoring the activities of one of the partners. It covers calls, messages, tracking emails, whatsapp messages and other activities.

One of the most special features of this application is that it is battery efficient and does not consume a lot of battery power which increases the longevity for its use. Further, it supports all kinds of operating systems such as Android, Windows, iOS and Mac OS. The only thing lacking with the app is the feature of call recording otherwise it is amongst the best deals in the market.

It’s a wish that nobody should ever get a chance to try these apps ever in their lives. If you have any other cheater spy app in your mind, don’t forget to mention in the comments below.

For more information and helpful tips on cheating spouses, check out our cheaters apps page, where you have a tool at your disposal.

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