Is Your Baby-Daddy Two Timing You

When you have a baby with someone, it is inevitable that the bond between yourself and the father of your child begins to grow stronger, as the responsibility of raising new life becomes a shared burden. However, there have been many instances where couples that have had babies together did not have similar luck in their relationships.

It is a fact that the attraction factor does go down during stages of a pregnancy in a relationship, what with the hormones, mood swings and lack of sexual appetite. This, however, is no reason from your baby-daddy to be cheating and these are just some of the signs that you can look out for, if you suspect that he may be two-timing you.

Baby-Daddy Two Timing - Another Woman

#1 Dressing Style Upgrade

When a man is looking for a new relationship, he tends to dress better on most days for the sake of impressing the opposite sex, much like a peacock displaying its beauty to find a mate. Keep an eye out for any out-of-the-usual dressing upgrades in your man, maybe some new kicks, new clothes, some shiny accessories. These are almost sure signs that your partner may be putting in effort to impress someone else.

#2 Guarding The Phone

If your partner’s phone is a no-no zone, then you may have reason to believe that they’re contacting some other chick behind your back. Try to look for signs of any phone calls or messages that they may have been hiding from you. In the case where you come across an unknown number, a quick phone lookup will tell you the publicly available details of the person the number belongs to.

#3 Increased Spending

Notice a few extra transactions in your shared bank account? Your joint credit card been maxed out for no apparent reason? Maybe it’s time to check in on your partner’s recent spending habits. Men tend to purchase lots of gifts for the women that they’re courting. Also, they spend a ton on dinner dates so it may be useful to look for any transactions that mention the name of a restaurant or any signs that point to a dinner date you weren’t invited to.

#4 Always Busy

There will always be a million excuses thrown at you when your man begins to show a lack of interest in yourself and the relationship between the two of you. You will begin to notice a pattern whereby your other half keeps spending more time on their own or with their “friends” under the ruse of business or “just a casual meet-up”. If you’re not vigilant enough, the “casual meet up” may turn out to be a casual hook-up instead.

#5 No Sexual Intimacy

Intimacy is an important part of a relationship. And if that begins to break down, then your relationship may be in trouble. Men who are getting their does of intimacy from other women or affairs may not be inclined to be intimate with their actual partners. In such situations, you find yourself wanting to have relations with your man but they are constantly shunning you and your love away with lame excuses such as “I’m not in the mood.” or “I don’t feel like it.”.

Baby-Daddy Two Timing - Secret Phone Calls and Messages

These signs can be easily overlooked and you may not put two and two together until it is way too late to salvage your relationship. Try to keep an open communication with your baby daddy and lend him an ear, from time to time. This would help keep him from straying as he’s getting all the attention and emotional support that he needs, from you. Should you suspect that there is a third wheel in your relationship, a simple phone lookup, people search or even an email lookup would be able to reveal the identity of that relationship-wrecker in your lives.