Major Effects of Infidelity on the Affected Couple


Infidelity is one of the most distressed and damaging events that a couple faces. An extra-marital affair challenges the sanctity and strength of a relationship. Infidelity can happen in even the strongest marriages leaving behind the innocent partner devastated. The hurt causes severe physical and mental health issues which may take years to heal. According … Read more

Impact of Infidelity on Children


An extramarital affair at any stage of a marriage is considered a marriage breaking asset. The partner involved in the extramarital affair always remains afraid about getting the affair disclosed to family and friends. The infidel partner tries best to hide the affair from everyone and expect no one to know about it especially the … Read more

4 Simple Reasons that make Some Relationships survive Infidelity Easily


Cheating or infidelity is a common and a big reason leading to divorce among many married couples across the world. However, a surprising fact is that a few of the couples have still survived easily even after the involvement of one of the partners in an extramarital affair. Love between a couple plays the main … Read more

8 Tried and Tested ways to Survive Infidelity


Everyone dreams about finding the right soul-mate and staying happy always. No one even expects infidelity to ruin their happy relationship/ marriage. But, considering the increase in divorce rates, what if this happens with you? How are you going to survive infidelity? Have you ever thought about it? If such a situation appears, it is … Read more

3 Reasons that Leads to Infidelity Dooming Your Marriage


Infidelity may result in dooming a happy married life and thereby, result in divorce. In fact, the marital cheat is the single and the biggest damaging thing, which may take place in a marriage. Statistics obtained until now about infidelity have reported that about 60percent of men and only 40percent of women participate in an … Read more

Marital Cheating-How Men and Women Experience It?


Adultery or marital cheating is a big fear among both men and women especially when they are in a marriage. This is because; infidelity or marital cheating damages marriage, especially the level of trust a person builds with the life partner. Once infidelity strikes in a marriage, innocent partner faces difficulty accepting it, dealing with … Read more

Should you Leave or live with a Cheating Partner- Part 2


Continuing.. As we discussed having a life partner who is not loyal to you is a disturbing thing in a person’s life. This traumatic experience can give nightmares to the innocent partner. Many people deal with this reality, and some even live with it. Some couples try to live together thinking that their marriage can … Read more

Should you Leave or live with a Cheating Partner?

Deal with a cheating partner

Infidelity at any stage of a couple’s life is considered to be a sin. A couple cannot always survive cheating in the relationship. Some relations break sooner and some at a later stage. When a smooth running relationship starts to get affected because of a disloyal partner, the affected partner remains in a dilemma whether … Read more

Quick ways to find Hidden social media accounts


In the present time, everybody is having a social media account on one or all the social media platforms available. Some people have it for personal reasons while some have it for businesses-related purposes. Some people like to share everything with the public while some keep the things really private. A few users also stick … Read more

Type of Betrayals that Ruin healthy Relationships


Maintaining relationships and marriages is considered to be a hard job. And, in the present generation of millennials, couples easily give up on marriages and indulge themselves in infidelity. When partners stop loving each other, trust scrapes away. Even a relationship ends when infidelity takes over one of the partner. Cheating is a betrayal that … Read more

3 Quick ways to run a background check on your better half


In the present world of social media, there are many couples who have found their true love over this media itself. But unfortunately, there are many cases of fraud as well. As everything has its advantages and disadvantages, so does social media platforms. So, in this world of technology, whether you are in a long … Read more



Relationships form the basis of everybody’s life. Sometimes, relationships can be very tricky to handle especially when there are chances of one of the spouses to indulge in infidelity. This not only shatters a person emotionally but also shakes his/ her trust for the remaining times. Technology in these matters offers a number of solutions … Read more

Simple Ways to recover your marriage from infidelity

survival of marriage from infidelity

A popular saying says “Marriages are settled in heaven but celebrated on earth,” but this saying does not go well with every couple. Infidelity has become a major problem among married couples. Marriages are able to survive infidelity provided both the partners are ready to repair the damage. The disloyal spouse should be ready to … Read more

3 Things that Prevent you from moving out of a relationship with an infidel partner


Have you been cheated by your partner and are on the fence to leave him/ her? If the answer is a “Yes” and you have landed on this page, it means you are still not sure about your decision. Don’t stress out, it is very difficult to leave a person you have loved like anything … Read more

5 Easy Steps for surviving infidelity


Whether it is an affair or a marriage, infidelity is a dangerous thing to ruin both the lovely relationships. An affair can still be survived but healing from infidelity is a very painful and strong thing it to. It takes a lot of courage and continuous efforts to survive it. The couples can together survive … Read more

5 Interesting Ways to Prevent Infidelity in Your Life


Infidelity is a choice but the interesting fact is that it too can be prevented- and it certainly should be! By cheating your better half, you don’t only lose a true lover forever but also break the trust they have put in you. Modern workplaces have been the most common areas where the infidelity happens. … Read more

Apps that Cheaters use to Hide their Secret Romance


Living in a loveless relationship is the most difficult thing a person has to face. Due to the technological advancements, it has become a bit easier to catch a cheating partner these days; all you need is to be a bit smart. It is impossible for a cheater to not use his/ her mobile phone … Read more

Best Apps to Spy on Text Messages of a Cheater in a Relationship


Infidelity in a relationship is so common these days that whether a person is in a long-distance relationship or in a marriage or in an affair, it is the major reason of maximum breakups. It is very hurting to get cheated by a cheater in a relationship and is equally hard to deal with the … Read more

Know how Rebound Relationships may prove to be a boon for Broken Hearts


A rebound relationship is a relationship in which a person gets involved shortly after coming out from a past love relationship. After a breakup, there comes a certain time when a person feels emotionally disturbed, confronts various targets set by the couple together and many such things that disturb the mental peace and is upsetting … Read more

What is Counted as “Cheating in a Relationship”?

Cheating in a relationship has different meanings for different people. But whatever the meaning is for a person, getting cheated by a person you love the most is the most disastrous thing that can ever happen to a partner. Its effects are long-lasting and disturbing enough to disrupt your daily life for some time and … Read more

Ways to Know That You Are Ready For a New Relationship


Relationships are all about you as an individual ready to accept a new person in your life. Every relationship is made up of several compromises and sacrifices and this all can be done only if you are emotionally and mentally ready to have the person in your life. As a successful relationship also demands time … Read more

Best Apps for Catching a Cheater in a Relationship

Two most essentials components of a successful relationship are trust and honesty, but sometimes in a few cases the partners do not realize the same and they tend to overstep the line. When the line is crossed either voluntarily or through a mistake, it can bring a very difficult time for the other partner. So, … Read more

Why People Cheat in a Relationship?

This question bothers all the lovers and has always been a hot topic among the researchers too. Cheating in a relationship is a costly affair. It leads to tears, heartbreaks, devastation, frustration, stress, divorces and in some cases violence too. The question haunts most of the lovers. Everybody knows it’s after effects but still many … Read more

Ways to Deal with the Partner’s Infidelity

cheating in relationship

Knowing your partner is cheating on you or has cheated is devastating and hits the other partner like a ton of bricks. It’s an awful feeling and the betrayal leaves the loyal partner in a daze- shattered, hurt, stressed, frustrated, sad and unable to trust and accept what has happened. It is very difficult to … Read more

Are you Wasting Your Time on an Emotionally Unavailable Partner?

Is it not right when they say that a relationship is an investment- of time, efforts, flexibility, acceptance, and most importantly, of the emotions? As the Law of Attraction, the greatest Secrets of them all, holds within itself, is often misinterpreted. It is not that- You get what you WANT, but you get what you … Read more

Reasons That Make People Indulge in Infidelity

What drives people to become infidel? When does a friendship out of a marriage or a romantic relationship become illicit? Why do people give up on their partners to whom they swore (or still swear) to be in love with? When does the simple, yet powerful often undervalued phrase of “I love you” misguide the … Read more