Guide To Securities Fraud : 5 Types Of Investment Fraud You Should Avoid


Investment fraud, also known as securities fraud is the practice of deceptively manipulating investors into investing in a certain business entity by way creating fictitious opportunities in order to make them believe that their investment will generate returns. Securities fraud can come in many forms : stock, bonds, commodities, currency and even real estate. In … Read more

How Your Phone Can Spy On You


Mobile phones have become a permanent fixture in our technologically-inclined world. From sending text messages, to making phone calls and even saving the most important dates and events, we all rely fairly heavily on our mobile phones. As a result, our phones become a valuable treasure trove of data, both personal and behavioural data of … Read more

Types of Online Shopping Scams


Online shopping scams have been going on for as long as online shopping has existed. They do not only exist in the form of fake online shopping websites, but have taken to social media marketplaces such Facebook online markets and Instagram shops. With the spread of such online shopping fraud onto multiple platforms, there is … Read more

Cryptocurrency Scams – 5 Crucial Things You Need To Know


Cryptocurrency scams have been rampant and it is becoming a huge issue for those who invest in such digital currencies, what with specialized scammers for each type of cryptocurrency available on the trading market. Bitcoin scammers are the highest in number, seeing as the particular digital currency has been making waves in the news with … Read more

5 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is A Scammer


Dating has shifted its course to be more technologically including. Social media networks, matchmaking websites, blind date sites, your dating options are endless on the Internet. It’s a dream come true when you meet your Prince Charming in real life, but what more if you can locate him through Tinder? However, as with everything else … Read more

The Whatsapp Data Breach – What You Need To Know


Whatsapp is one of the world’s most widely used social messaging app and is essentially where every family event is planned, it’s how you keep up with your assignments and deadlines, it’s your go-to for whenever you need free voice calls and text messages sent over an internet connection. But, what you probably didn’t know … Read more

Guide To Surviving Domestic Violence


Domestic violence has been on the rise in recent years and these spiraling numbers have begun to cause worry among members of society. Many people think that domestic violence is restricted to physical violence, inflicted by a domestic partner. However, domestic abuse encompasses much more than only physical violence. Verbal abuse and threats are also … Read more

Legalizing Abortion : Is It A Crime


The debate between the pro-life and pro-choice groups have been a long-standing battle and as of now, no one seems to have been able to reach a conclusive outcome that is acceptable to everyone in society. Most people who are devout religionists have shown strong opposition against the idea of legalizing abortions, quoting scriptures and … Read more

Is Someone Impersonating You on Facebook


Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world and billions of people around the world have an active account with Facebook, which they access every day to contact their friends, family and colleagues. However, Facebook is still part of the world wide web and despite the security efforts, there still may … Read more

Why Military Sexual Assault Rates Are Rising


Sexual assault has been a long standing issue and both men and women have fallen prey to sexual predators in their workplaces, homes and even out on the street. Much has been done by the government, volunteers groups and even organizations to try and curb the rising numbers of sexual assault cases, within general society. … Read more

The Psychology Behind Terrorism At Places Of Worship


The world has been shaken with multiple attacks of places of worship, all fueled by terrorist sentiments. From attacks in New Zealand, Sri Lanka to that in California, one that is much closer to home. But, why have these hate-filled human beings targeting places that are the central of peace, serenity and calm? There are … Read more

How Online Influencers Commit Crime And Get Away With It


Living in this day and age, you should know by now that nothing escapes the Internet. It could be an embarrassing moment caught on tape or even some private photos accidentally posted on the world wide web, almost any content can blow up at light speed and be viewed by anyone, anywhere on the globe. … Read more

The Complete Guide To Online Dating Scams


Finding someone you really like and click with in an instant via the myriad of dating apps available is not really that uncommon.  And, given the number of people who frequent online dating sites and social networking sites to better their love lives, it’s not impossible to have a fairytale ending, just like how you’ve … Read more

XRP Giveaway Scams : 3 Things You Should Know About The Latest Scam Technique


Scammers are always finding increasingly sneakier methods to come after your hard earned money. The latest mode of operation to join the hundreds and thousands of scam methods is the XRP, better known the commons as Ripple, giveaway scam, which has been actively reported in the US and also a few neighboring regions where the … Read more

How One Lithuanian Man Cheated Facebook and Google Out Of Millions


The most recent victims of scam are none other than technology giants Facebook and Google. One man, Evaldas Rimasaukas, had single-handedly, swindled over a US$100 million from both the multimillion dollar companies by a way of a simple email fraud trick that he had cleverly set up. Chain Of Events The basis of his modus … Read more

5 Signs that Your Business Partner Is Double-Dealing

Signs That Your Business Partner Is Double-Dealing_Image

When starting a new business, people often approach others to get them on board as a business partner for one of many reasons. Every budding businessman knows that having a partner gives them quite a lot of benefits, such as, an increased amount of business capital, tax cuts, higher borrowing capacity and ultimately, shared knowledge … Read more