Are you Wasting Your Time on an Emotionally Unavailable Partner?

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Is it not right when they say that a relationship is an investment- of time, efforts, flexibility, acceptance, and most importantly, of the emotions?

As the Law of Attraction, the greatest Secrets of them all, holds within itself, is often misinterpreted. It is not that- You get what you WANT, but you get what you ARE. In a relationship, there is no singularity of PRESENCE. You have to be physically, mentally, “emotionally”, all and beyond. While comfort is often confused with carelessness, and that’s when “for granted” comes into play. Your partner gets so comfortable and easy in their skin while being with you, that they forget to take care of their share of responsibilities towards you and your relationship.

The very point of being with someone is to be able to share yourself in totality with them, and receiving their share for you, but is it fair when you stop getting your share; or their willingness to take their share? Now, certainly you can’t push that down on them since it is a responsibility they chose to uphold when they chose you, in the first place. There is no point of halfheartedness or heartlessness in a relationship anyway.

While lingering in-between giving up or staying isn’t an easy play but then, happiness comes with a struggle to make it happen and keep it. If you are not willing to pay that price, you don’t get to keep it.

While time is the dearest sacrifice and gift you can make for and to someone, you wouldn’t want to end up wasting it. Since love is never wasted; it’s only transitional and abundant. But talking about time, it is something we have limited to ourselves. Every time you waste reviving or keeping up with a person who does not contribute to your emotional development, or does not emotionally support you in crises or simply isn’t emotionally there, you are letting the ones who would be, down. Some signs you might be missing on if you feel that the things aren’t the same between you two—

  1. Yourpartner is simply disinterested: do you feel that your partner is disinterested in you? From doing things you two are used to do- sharing stuff at work, activities you do on Sundays, or simply talking about things particularly related strongly to you? If you feel all these things are happening to you, then there are great chances that your partner is involved with someone else and is the time to catch the cheater.
  • Everythingis a liability:Everything, small or routine, routine or rare, is taken as a burden or aliability by them. Be it sex, or going out together, or just doing the chores?
    If the answer to all these questions is positive, then you must pay attentionto your relationship.

  • Selectivelyavailable:They are only available when they want to be, can be or expect something inreturn. Otherwise, they are almost always occupied. If you are struggling to keep your presence in their life, but they are voluntarily absent from yours,it surely means something.

While these are a few general behavioral traits which are highly subjective, your intuition plays the greatest role. Essentially, your partner is not emotionally available when in their physicalpresence, you still feel alone, if I had to put it in a phrase.

In the end, if you are willing to make thingsright, either tell them, ask them or discontinue this drainage. Not only this,but there are many cheater spy apps available online that help to catch acheater to some extent and you can try that too. Time is all you got. Don’t waste what you didn’t earn, but were given, you owe it to someone.

Keep your spirit high and always remember:

                              You came, you loved, you lived and you conquered!

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