Apps that Cheaters use to Hide their Secret Romance

Living in a loveless relationship is the most difficult thing a person has to face. Due to the technological advancements, it has become a bit easier to catch a cheating partner these days; all you need is to be a bit smart. It is impossible for a cheater to not use his/ her mobile phone to communicate with the third person.

So, targeting this mobile phone, we can figure out if the love in the relationship is missing because of the entry of the third person. There are certain apps which cheaters use in order to hide their suspicious activities from their official partners. Let’s take a look at some of the most common apps which are used by maximum cheaters in order to meet people and indulge in infidelity:

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is one of the best dating apps with discretion as a priority. With over 25 million members, it is one of the favorite apps among the cheaters. Talking about discretion, this app does not link the accounts to any of the personal social media accounts. Secondly, the profile photos are also set to private and are visible only to particular members. The third major benefit of this app is that it is free of cost for all the cheaters.

Vaulty Stocks

Another favorite app that cheaters love is the Vaulty Stocks. This app allows sending and receiving of sexy pictures and videos without the partner finding out. The app hides the content in a secret vault and requires a pin to open the vault. And, if you are trying to sneak a peek over your cheating partner’s shoulders, this app will take your photo.

Nosy Trap

Another app that cheaters use to stay safe is Nosy Trap. This app is a trap for the people who browse the phone in order to get some hints about your activities. This app displays a fake homepage on the device and when someone clicks on it then, it records the video of the person and stores in the gallery.

Private SMS Box

Another app that enables the cheaters to successfully hide their miscellaneous activities is the Private SMS Box. This app lets the cheaters exchange messages with the third person without bringing it in the knowledge of their partners. This app doesn’t show up in the list of applications and hence, saves the cheaters.

GPS Tracking App

Cheaters are way too smart and they usually like to be aware of their partners all the time so that they don’t get caught. This app lets them have exactly the same. The app can be installed in the mobile phones and track the locations of their partner so that they cannot be caught. These tracking apps do not show up in the application list so, you got to be a bit smarter and check your own phone too for the presence of such apps.

The app being undetectable can also be installed in your cheating partners phone in order to track their locations.

These were the few apps that have helped cheaters to be successful in cheating their partners. So, update yourself and watch out for any of these apps if installed in your partner’s phone.   

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