8 Tried and Tested ways to Survive Infidelity

Everyone dreams about finding the right soul-mate and staying happy always. No one even expects infidelity to ruin their happy relationship/ marriage. But, considering the increase in divorce rates, what if this happens with you? How are you going to survive infidelity? Have you ever thought about it?

If such a situation appears, it is definitely difficult to decide whether to give your relationship another chance or to get out of it. Sometimes the trust becomes irreparable when the bond between couples breaks due to infidelity. Thus, it becomes really difficult for the innocent one to move on with your partner in your marriage/ relationship. However, if you give a chance to your partner to improve, things can turn right for you and your marriage/ relationship can again become a roller coaster ride for you both. Here are 8 tried and tested ways to survive infidelity:

Confess the Affair

When the unfaithful partner confesses the affair, he/she should be ready to pursue the relationship honestly in order to regain the trust of the betrayed partner. The betrayed partner should be ready to consider the honest efforts of the other partner.

Learn to Nurture yourself

Devote time to yourself. Spend time alone by meditating, travelling, reading books, and doing whatever makes you happy. This will help in letting you forget the cheating done by your partner and you will be able to create a happy and stress-free life for you.

Learn to Forgive

Do not focus on holding on the anger and taking revenge from your unfaithful spouse. The act of forgiveness does not only make you survive infidelity but also give you a hope of a peaceful life.

Set up some future goals

You need to forget what happened in the past and try to move on with your partner. Plan out your future and take some club memberships to enjoy with your partner. This can help in rebuilding chemistry between you two and make your relationship stronger.

Handle the Situation Calmly

We all know that being cheated is the worst feeling ever experienced by an individual. The affected partner should understand that healing from infidelity will take some time and effort to resolve. So be patient and handle the situations wisely.

Ask your Partner for a clean break

You should ask your partner to break all chords with the attractive other in order to move forward together with you. This would help your partner to focus on your relationship more without any further deviation.

Do not involve your Family

Involving your family can be a bad decision because your family will not be able to forgive your cheating partner even if you both want to give a second chance to your relationship.

Work on rebuilding Intimacy  

Infidelity puts a full stop to your intimate relationship with your partner. You are not able to love him/ her the way you used to before. Rebuilding intimacy between you and your partner can help to bring you both closer, and you will be soon able to forget the pain given by your partner in the past.

Life can be full of challenges and our job is to face every challenge happily. Every situation that comes our way has a right way to deal with it. All we need to do is to find the solution to that situation and clear out our paths. Stay tuned for our upcoming articles on infidelity and relationships.

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