6 Signs of A Cheating Partner

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Many relationships these days struggle with the grave issue of infidelity. As humans progress into further technological and global advancements, it seems that there are more means to make cheating easier than there is to staying loyal to someone.

Although each individual may be different and their methods of approaching a relationship when cheating may be unique, there are always general tell-tale signs that could easily give them away, that is if you’re not blindsided to it.

Here are the 6 signs that you have to watch out for in your partner, especially if you have a strong notion that they might just not be that into you anymore :

#1 Lack of Communication

As they grow attached to the person outside of your relationship, they gradually grow apart from you. This means that they tend to ignore most of what you say and show little interest in thing pertaining to the both of you or the household such as kids, family etc.

They also tend to spend a lot more time being detached from the family, more specifically you. They would be more content just being by themselves, playing games on their mobile devices and tend to go out more to visit “friends”

#2 Changes in Attitude

When your partner begins to stray, you can start noticing a few subtle changes in their behavior towards you and your family. You’ll notice that they are more irritable and anything that you say quickly ticks them off. They also get mad at the smallest mistakes that you make and tend to harp on them, making the relationship even more strained than it already is.

You’ll also notice that your cheating partner will tend to resort to lying when asked about where they have been and what they have been doing. Here’s how you can tell if they’re lying through their teeth to you:

  • Abrupt movement of the head and arms
  • Tendency to over-explain
  • Repetitive movement; shuffling of feet, drumming their fingers etc.
  • Tendency to touch their nose when they speak
  • Get angered by accusations of infidelity
  • Tendency to not blink much

#3 Money Issues

When someone is in a new relationship, they tend to spend lots of money on their partner. The same applies here. You’ll start to notice that your partner keeps giving excuses when it comes to chipping in on the kids and household expenses. There will be sudden, new expenses that they have to “cover” and they avoid forking out money as much as they can.

You’ll also start noticing charges on bank statements and credit card accounts that don’t add up. When you confront them about it, they will either make up an excuse or get defensive and lash out. They would also begin to find ways to get around being part of large monetary commitments such as home renovations, asset purchases (either cars, or houses), children’s education funds etc.

#4 Change in Technology Habits

The way they use technology can also drop you a few hints on the direction in which your relationship is going in. You’ll begin to note that they get very touchy about you using their mobile phones. They would also tend to delete their browser history when surfing the internet on a shared computer. (well, it’s either this or it’s porn)

Another sure sign would be that they would give a mountain of excuses to restrict your access to any shared subscriptions such as a music streaming service, Netflix and such. They may even resort to changing shared passwords and keeping them from you. You might also find that they have a secret social media account to keep their budding new relationship alive.

#5 Changes in Sex Life

Anyone having an extra-marital affair would usually avoid sexual encounters with their partners as their needs are already being fulfilled elsewhere. They will show signs of disinterest in sex with you as well as come up with ways to deflect your sexual advances.

Even if they do have sex with you, (mostly in order to avoid suspicion) they would comment negatively and criticize your bedroom skills. This is in hopes that you would be put off from further ideas of having intimate play time with them.

#6 Hidden Items

You will begin to see a myriad of items that have no business being hidden, stashed away in nooks and crannies that you wouldn’t usually look in. For example, a stash of condoms in a secret compartment in your partner’s bag, or a credit card statement hidden amongst a pile of unimportant receipts or books you never actually look in.

Your cheating partner may even attempt to hide things like their phone or wallet from you to avoid being discovered. In cases where the affairs have been going for a long time, they may even begin to be sloppy with hiding things and you may even find gifts for the other person, hidden in easy to find places, such as under the pillow, under the bed or on the cupboard. This is also a way for your partner hints that they may not be into you any longer.

Cheating Partner - Male

These six tips are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other signs of a cheater, each varying from individual to individual. There are frequent, unexplained out of town visits, new hobbies that don’t include you or your family and a never-ending string of “guys-night-out”, as well as a myriad of other things that indicate distance and indifference in your partner.

If your gut is telling you that your relationship may be on the verge of the end, it may be wise to keep an eye out for these signs so that you may still have a chance at saving whatever that is left of your relationship. However, always remember to be tactful when approaching your cheating partner about this and be as amicable as possible to ensure that your partner will still be open to discussions. And if you need, you can uncover who they’ve been texting with our cheater lookup.

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