5 Ways To Stay Safe On A Tinder Date

The new wave of technology has also brought about some drastic changes to the dating scene. With dating apps and online dating sites flourishing across the Internet, you have a myriad of choices to choose from when out on the prowl for the one that will be by your side for the rest of time. Young adults, however, do show a slight inclination towards the use of dating apps, specifically. This is because they’re constantly on the go and having an app on their phone which allows them to schedule a date right from their smartphone is quite an attractive arrangement.

However, such dating apps have had their fair share of horror stories. Many a time have we seen reports of young adults being sexually attacked on their Tinder dates and some cases were even more horrific than the rest. As much as the idea of meeting someone new can be exciting, it is also something that we may need to approach fairly cautiously and take precautions for, lest we get ourselves into Tinder trouble.

5 Ways To Stay Safe On A Tinder Date - Phone and Apps for Dating

#1 Inform Someone

Always let someone know your whereabouts and the location that you are heading to. It can be a family member or a friend, it’s not really the matter, as long as you can trust this person to come to your aid, should something unexpected happen. Keep an open communication channel with this person at all times and provide them with updates at regular intervals. Even if you miss the signs due to your excitement while meeting your new date, they might be able to pick up anything that may seem a little bit off and be able to warn you about it.

#2 Meet In Public

Meeting someone for the first time may be something that you would like to do at a more less quiet, private and romantic spot. However, you may be discounting the fact that you don’t really know this person very well and they do have the slight chance of being someone with ill intentions towards yourself. As such, it is always advisable to have first dates in a public setting, with a moderate crowd. This way, should anything unsought occur, there will be people available to come to your aid and also later serve as a witness to the incident.

#3 Watch For Red Flags

Getting to know someone can be quite an entertaining process. But, stay on your toes at all times and watch out for any psychological red flags that your date may be giving off. Be on the lookout for any sudden changes in mood, temper streaks, impatience and even slight dashes of violence. Also, the way they speak would be a clear indicator of the kind of person they are as well as their intentions towards you. If you notice these red flags and begin to feel that something may be wrong, inform your confidante and excuse yourself from the date as soon as possible.

#4 Have Your Own Transport

On first dates, it’s better to drive to your meeting venue on your own. There have been multiple reports of women being sexually harassed by their dates, on the way to the venue of their dates and having your own ride will help prevent any chances of this happening. Besides that, having your car at hand is a great thing, especially if the date is not looking too great and you need to make a quick getaway before things escalate.

#5 Go For Double Dates

Try to grab a few friends and go on a double date with your new Tinder mate. This way, even if your date had something sinister planned for you, having your friends around would deter them from doing anything to harm you. Not only that, your pals would also be able to give you their honest opinion on your Tinder date, which would be a great help at putting things into perspective, should you decide to go on a second date with the person you met on Tinder.

5 Ways To Stay Safe On A Tinder Date - Date Night

Meeting someone new after a long break in your love life is a promising thing. However, we shouldn’t get too carried away with the idea of finally finding the right one to the extent that we ignore any possible signs of stranger danger from our online dates. If you suspect that your Tinder date may be up to no good, our email lookup or phone lookup can give you a quick background check on them.