5 Signs That Your Partner Has A Second Family

A family institution is the most basic building block in a society. And our family are the ones who are the nearest and dearest to us, we would give up anything just to keep our families happy, healthy and safe. Our family is with whom we share our greatest triumphs and our concealed vulnerabilities. Ultimately, they are the relationships that we will cherish, past, present and future.

Unfortunately, we are not exempted from cases where families who have been together for years discover that their partner have a second family. Such cases go unnoticed until a chance meeting or someone stumbles upon pictures of their partner with their second family. A family unit is meant to be built on trust and communication and these 5, easily missed signs are the ones that indicate that your marriage may be jeopardized by a whole other family.

5 Signs That Your Partner Has A Second Family - Distressed Family

#1 Long Periods Of Absence

This is the most obvious of the signs that your partner may have a second family. Although most recorded cases of secret second families have been predominantly due to the male partner, there have also been cases where the woman has gone on to have a second family. Most experts on the subject were quoted saying that this was due to the ability of men to easily make up excuses in order to go off for long periods of time, without arousing suspicion.

#2 Unexplained Loss Of Funds

If you have a joint bank account with your partner, this would be the easiest method to find out if your partner may have started a secret second family. Unexplained missing money is usually key that they may be spending their money on a second family rather than on you or your kids. In addition, you would also begin to notice that they chip in less and less to the family expenditure and have lots of excuses when you try to confront them about it.

#3 Secretive Behavior

The most obvious would be that they tend to be very tight-lipped about their whereabouts and what is it that they do. They would also tend to hide their phones and laptops to keep you from discovering their double life. It is also common for those with a secret family to have a separate social media account that they use exclusively to keep in touch with their other family. A quick people search could give you all the publicly available details you need on your partner, sometimes including hidden emails or social media profiles.

#4 Intimacy Issues

When they are being sexually satisfied by their second partner, chances are that they would be more cold and less intimate with you. This is only a natural behavior as their emotional and physical needs are being met by someone else and they would begin to feel a much lesser attraction towards you. You will also begin to notice that they open up less to you and the lines of communication between yourself and your partner begin to slowly close up.

#5 Mysterious Phone Calls

There may also be a possibility that your partner keeps receiving calls from an unknown number, when they have a second family. Also, these calls may have been scheduled beforehand and you’d begin to notice that there is always a specific time when calls from this number come in. If your partner is getting one of these, a simple reverse phone lookup would be able to help you uncover the identity of the mysterious caller.

5 Signs That Your Partner Has A Second Family - Family

If you’re experiencing these signs, you had better take swift actions to keep your marriage afloat. The best way would be to ask them directly. Be diplomatic with them. Discuss and reason with them on why they actually had a second family. The key here is to try and salvage whatever that is left of your marriage. Accusations and anger will only add fuel to the fire. And if you suspect that your loved one is cheating on your, our post on 6 Signs Of A Cheating Partner is one for you.