5 Signs of a Dangerous Co-Worker

Co-workers are some of the people that we spend most of our waking hours with. Although most are perfectly regular, jovial people, there are some co-workers with dark secrets that may endanger the people around them. To the untrained eye, they may seem normal at a glance, but some co-workers could actually be pretty dangerous, if you’re not wary of them.

Unfortunately, it may not be that simple of a task to identify a dangerous co-worker. There are a multitude of characteristics that point to your co-worker being dangerous or is associating with dangerous people. But, we’ve managed to put together a list of 5 of the most common characteristics of a possibly psychopathic co-worker.

5 Signs Of A Dangerous Co-Worker - Anger

Anger Issues

If your co-worker displays signs of having anger management issues, it’s best that you keep an arm’s length away from them. Anger can stem from many sources, be it the self, a hectic work environment, a strained relationship or even familial issues. People with deep seated traumatic experiences tend to lash out fairly quickly, sometimes with barely any self-control, and this may also be an indicator of a mental illness due to their disturbing past.

Extremely Secretive/Quiet

Well, not every quiet person is dangerous. But, when your co-worker seems like they do not enjoy conversations, rarely go out to lunch or go out to lunch alone and are very private about their workspace, chances are that they have something to hide from everyone. Try not to pry and keep your distance, just to be on the safe end of things.

Violent/Vindictive Tendencies

When the printer breaks and you realize that your co-worker is trying to beat it with a bat to get it work, chances are that they may be a psychopath, deep down. Display of violence and vindictive tendencies are undisputed signs a person may have experienced abuse or had been exposed to abuse for long periods of time. This could also mean that your co-worker may be hanging out with the violent kind of clique.

 Obsessed with Power/Status

People who are power-crazy can sometimes resort to violence and deceit in order to achieve their goals, and may even end up seriously hurting someone in the process. These people generally have issues managing their jealousy and they will be outright with it. Some of them may even own firearms or be a part of a dangerous underground military group, so watch your back.


Paranoid co-workers are among the most complex to deal with. They may have been victims of abuse or have been through a time where they were pushed to the edge and lived in constant fear of something or someone. A great deal of tact is involved when interacting with such persons. Be careful not to aggravate any of their fears or they may react erratically, or worse, resort to dangerous “solutions” that may be life-threatening.

5 Signs Of A Dangerous Co-Worker - Office

If your co-worker displays one or more of these signs, it may be the wisest to stay at a distance from them. It is hard to pinpoint their mental state at any given time, so always remember to be cautious when interacting with them.

Some of them may not be dangerous themselves, but, may be associated with dangerous people and proxies such as gangs, mafia groups and such. If you suspect that your co-worker may be up to no good or may be part of the wrong crowd, it’s best to quietly note their patterns and habits from afar and interacting with them, only when need dictates. Also, a quick background check would be able to give you a rough idea of what kind of person your co-worker is.