5 Signs that Your Family Member is Lying To You

Family is an institution that is cherished by every individual. Your family is your greatest source of happiness and also the best support system that you could ever ask for. Being part of the family means that you can always count on each other and that there is a special, unbreakable trust that you place in members of your family.

But, what if a member of your family chooses to walk down the path of deceit, with total disregard for the family code? What if they have something that they were deliberately hiding from you, despite promising to preserve the trust that you have built between each other over the course of years, decades even? Here are just some of the ways to tell if a family member of yours is full-on lying to you to your face.

5 Signs That Your Family Member Is Lying To You - Liar

#1 Nervous

When your family member shows signs of nervousness when relaying a story to you, chances are that they may be lying. People who lie, often display classic signs of restlessness and tension as they are worried that they may be found out. Your family member, however, may appear to be noticeably distracted or anxious as their fear of being found out is much greater, due to the bond that you share and the fact that you know them from the inside out. They may also show repetitive behavior, like touching their nose, tapping their fingers or feet or blinking too much.

#2 Defensive

Confront someone who is lying, with the truth, and watch them become defensive. This is a common reaction when someone has been making things up and when their story is threatened to be uncovered. Family members who are hiding something from you may tend to defend themselves by giving you an awful lot of detail when trying to dispute the truth. Besides that, you may also notice that there will be traces of anger in their voice, a habitual human reaction that serves to reinforce their carefully curated story.

#3 Changing Storyline

You can easily catch an untruthful family member by the flow of their story. Often, those who lie overly embellish their story in order to make it believable to the other party. However, the downside of this is that liars will forget the details of their story and you will begin to notice discrepancies and loopholes in the “truth” that they are telling you. Keep an eye out for inconsistencies when your family member is talking to you and you will almost certainly be able to catch them in their lie.

#4 Blame Game

Members of the family that get caught telling a lie are usually quick to play the blame game. This is quite common between siblings or partners, where they would choose to blame the other person in order to divert the attention away from the main subject, thus securing their lie and making you forget why you were mad at them in the first place. Placing the blame on someone else, especially if they are not at fault, will automatically trigger anger and you would soon lose track of what you had set out to find out about.

#5 Physically Reactive

Those who get caught red-handed in their lie have a high chance of being physically reactive or violent. With family members, the chances are even higher, due to the familial bond. A family member that you find has been deceitful and dishonest may physically attack you, by slapping, kicking or pulling your hair. This is common human behavior, where anger becomes the first line of defense for a person who has something to hide. Such violent display of power is meant to disorient you and also to establish a dominance so that you would eventually forget about your suspicions that your family member may be a liar.

5 Signs That Your Family Member Is Lying To You - Family

The basis of family is the love and trust that is placed in each other. Without that, family just becomes a group of people, merely blood-related with no connection to each other, whatsoever. It is always best to be truthful with your family at all times and never to break the faith that they have in you. Should you suspect that a member of your family may be lying and is involved in illegal or criminal activity behind your back, a quick people search will be able to sort that out.