5 Signs You’re Dating A Criminal

When it comes to our partners, we’re never restrictive of how much time and energy with them and we don’t skimp on the amount of love that we shower them with either. But, what if the person that you are dating happens to be involved in some sort of criminal activity. What then?

There have been numerous cases of people finding out that they the person that they have grown to know and love are actually involved in some unlawful businesses. This uncovering of their hidden side usually brings about the end of a relationship and for those who have entered the institution of marriage, there may be the question of an impending divorce. Spare yourself the heartbreak and look for these signs before giving your all.

5 Signs You’re Dating A Criminal - Convict

#1 Unexplained Wealth

The person you are dating always seems to have cash at hand and you both enjoy only the finest that life has to offer. However, when you try to inquire about it, you are met with unfulfilling answers (that leave even more burning questions) or they try to change the subject. People who are involved with something against the law don’t always have the luxury to disclose the source of their income and if they ever did, as cliché as this sounds, they may just have to kill you.

#2 Code Speak

You’re having a quiet, intimate dinner and suddenly the phone rings. Your other half picks it up and starts speaking into the receiver. If you hear something along the lines of “Keep the big bags in the bay, I’ll send for the chicken powder later”, that’s your cue to run for the hills. While these code words make no sense to us mere mortals, but in code speak, ‘big bags’ and ‘chicken powder’ refer to some highly addictive and controversial *not to mention illegal* drugs.

#3 Secret Occupation

You never have a clear idea of what exactly it is that your partner does for a living. Whenever you try to pry further into this, they would always seem reluctant to provide you with a straight answer. Such questions may even spark anger or irritation, so it’s best to approach this subject with caution. Especially if you have reason to believe that your other half may be a part of an illicit alliance.

#4 Highly Secretive

Your partner always has secret meetings scheduled and keeps his friends and acquaintances as wrapped up as possible. He rarely discloses any detail about his whereabouts or the things that he does, day to day. When you approach him about it, he gives you the classic signs of someone masking something with a lie; the delayed pause, the drumming of the fingers, the tapping of feet and the straying eyes.

#5 Always Armed

For some reason, your partner always has arms on them. It could be a full-on gun or even something as inconspicuous as a pocket knife. People who are part of unlawful operations and businesses are always being targeted by someone, usually rivals and people they may have beef with. So, it makes sense that they keep themselves armed at all times. That in itself, is a sure sign that your partner may be dealing with some shady stuff.

5 Signs You’re Dating A Criminal - Assasin

Keep a lookout for these signs in your partner and if you feel that something is amiss, follow your gut instinct. Find out all you can about them with a simple public criminal record search which will tell you all you need to know about your partner and whatever illegal dealings that they may have. (or have had)

Dating a criminal is something that is extremely intricate and complex, which at the same time, is also extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Yes, love does trump all, but, it may be wise to consider the pros and cons when dating convicts and criminals. Just for your own sake.