5 Reasons Why Auto Theft Rates are Rising

The number of vehicle thefts in the US have been steadily increasing. From 2015 to 2018, there was a significant jump of nearly 30% in cases of reported auto theft and attempted motor vehicle thefts. These alarming numbers are the reason why the US police have resorted to reminding the public to be vigilant at all times and to take additional precautions to ensure that their vehicles are properly secured.

As recent statistics also report, auto thieves also tend to have a preference for the model of cars that they steal. The most sought after car brands include Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Ford. Despite some of these brands having state-of-the art security and keyless locks, vehicle thieves seem to have found their way around those modern automotive security systems.

Most people don’t seem to be any bit shaken by these statistics and are quite content to go about their daily life, the same way they have all these years. That is until things happen. Such rising numbers are definitely something to be worried about. It is only wise that we keep ourselves in the know about the reasons why vehicles are being targeted and what we can do to prevent ourselves from falling prey to auto thieves.

Auto Theft - Car Unlocked

#1 Keys In The Car

Lots of people have the habit of leaving their keys in the car, unattended. These are especially the ones that need to warn up their cars before a drive or need a quick run to the grocery store to pick up some things. Keys in the car and a running engine are an invitation to auto thieves to help themselves to your property. If you need to leave your keys in the car while it warms up, always have a second set of keys that you can use to lock it with, either manually or automatically.

#2 Lack Of Security Measures

Most people tend not to go through the hassle of taking additional security measures for their vehicles. That’s because they believe that nothing bad can happen in that split-second grocery run or that the locks from the manufacturer are “good enough”. Unfortunately, the recent car theft statistics are not in favor of these beliefs. It would be good to invest in additional key-sets or a good, old-fashioned manual steering lock, even if your car has the latest, voice-activated security.

#3 Automobile Identity Theft

You may have never heard of this, but it’s fairly real. In this method of “stealing” your car, these crafty car thieves look for your vehicle identification number instead. Every car comes with its own, just like every person has a social security number. With this 17-digit alphanumeric code, the car thief will be able to access your car’s registration details and any associated documents. They then steal another car that is similar to your make an model, fake the plates using your car details and drive around in their newly “legitimized” car. The worst part is, you’ll never know, until the feds show up at your door.

#4 Technological Advancements

In the wake of keyless locks and voice-activated security, lots of car manufacturers have adopted change and incorporated these fancy new safety features into their most recently updated models. However, the advancement may have just made it easier for car pilferers to get their hands on your car. With just a few simple tweaks to a $10 radio-controller device, car-jackers can use radio signals to lock and unlock your car. A simple recording of your voice can also easily bypass voice-activated security installed in your car.

Auto Theft - Carjack

These are only the tip of the iceberg. Car thieves are getting smarter by the day and it’s up to us to keep ourselves informed and always one step ahead of them in order to protect our motorized property. If you suspect that any of your shady neighbors may be driving a stolen car, a simple people search with their first and last name will give you all the details that you need on their vehicular history, based on publicly available information.