5 Lessons To Be Learnt From Jeff Bezos’ Divorce

The most recent separation story to make waves on all media channels is none other than that of online giant Amazon’s, Jeff Bezos. Bezos has announced the split from his wife of 25 years, Mackenzie and just a few days after, he was rumored to be finding solace in the arms of another woman which led many to speculate that this may have been the reason to their decision to live their lives separately from one another.

The Bezoses’ divorce story is quite insightful and has quite a few lessons that can be useful to those currently married or seeking to be separated from their other halves. Here are some of the take home messages that we’d managed to extract from what is said to be the biggest and most expensive divorce of modern history.


#1 Don’t Cheat

It’s never a good idea to cheat on someone who has made the promise to be by your side for the rest of your lives together. Cheating is not only disrespectful and hurtful to your partner but it also displays the kind of selfish person that you truly are, deep inside. Relationships are built on love and trust and it is no one’s but the two people in the relationship that are responsible for keeping the spark alive. Just because something doesn’t work, does not mean that you immediately try to throw it out. Talk out problems and seek professional help. If that doesn’t work, separate and only then seek your happiness someplace else.

#2 Always Get Prenups

Given that Amazon is a billion-dollar business empire which spans almost 3/4ths of the world, many were curious on how the final divorce settlement would pan out. In the end, the Bezoses’ divorced, leaving MacKenzie with a chunk of more than US$35 billion in settlement, making her the third richest woman in the world. The lesson to be learnt here is to always get prenuptial agreements or prenups. Such agreements will dictate how debts, investments and shared assets are to be split between divorcing parties. Prenups safeguard your hard-earned wealth and can be quite rewarding when you’re dealing with a cheating or unfaithful spouse.

#3 Pay Attention To Special Clauses

When getting prenups, be sure to cover as much ground as possible. Take into account events that may lead to divorce, like cheating, abuse or any kind of marital fraud and make sure that these events are covered in your prenuptial agreement clauses. Specify clearly all terms for each type of issue that you would foresee happening as well as how the wealth should be split or kept divided throughout the course of marriage. Although marriage is a team effort, some people may just be after the green so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

#4 Seek Professional Help

Like the Bezoses’, it’s always wise to seek professional help during a divorce rather than squabble over who gets to keep what. The Bezoses opted for a collaborative divorce, whereby both their attorneys were tasked with coming up with a settlement that is mutually beneficial for both parties. They had also sought after counselling to help them make decisions that were not emotionally-driven but more pragmatic in perspective. Such amicable divorces are what you should be aiming for, if you are planning a separation. Otherwise, things may get out of hand and not only affect your mental health, but also that of the people around you.

#5 Part Amicably

When you make the decision to lead separate lives from your spouse, your main goal needs to be to find a cooperative and civilized solution to separating what you have built together all these years. Parting under terms that you both agree with unanimously allows the both of you to remain friends and at the same time, be effective co-parents to your children. The kids are usually the ones that are hardest hit in divorces and a messy divorce may traumatize your children in the long-run. Kids, especially younger ones, need both their parents while growing up. Just because you’re parting ways with your spouse, does not mean that you won’t need their assistance and support while raising your kids.


Years of marriage can never guarantee that your partner will always be interested in you until the end of time. Instead of trying to make it work in a loveless marriage, it would be better for both parties to go their separate ways and reach a peaceful settlement about who gets what. Learn from the Bezoses and hopefully, your rocky road to the single life, would not be so rocky. If you’re contemplating divorce and need evidence that your partner has been cheating, our email and phone lookups are right here.

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