5 Easy Steps for surviving infidelity

Whether it is an affair or a marriage, infidelity is a dangerous thing to ruin both the lovely relationships. An affair can still be survived but healing from infidelity is a very painful and strong thing it to. It takes a lot of courage and continuous efforts to survive it. The couples can together survive this but only if both of them are willing to repair the damage and reconnect like before. The cheater in a relationship should be willing to completely end the affair and honestly confess in front of the innocent partner about everything. Together the love and trust can be regained; all you need is to be transparent with your partner. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that can help you survive this difficult phase as a couple:


Immediately end the affair

The first things first, it is important to immediately end the contact with the third person. No phone calls, no meetings, no coffee breaks, and no sex at all with the attractive other. Report any future chances of meeting the third person to your legit partner and also let him/ her know if the attractive other contacts you in the future. 

Don’t avoid the questions

This advice goes for both the partners; the cheater as well as the innocent one. Being cheated on arises a hell lot of questions and if you want to survive, you must ask all the questions you have in your mind to the other partner.

If you are the one who cheated on your partner, then you must honestly answer all the questions of your spouse and should not at all avoid them. Provide all the information the betrayed partner is seeking so that you both can talk about it without any pain and heal together.

Don’t expect quick and easy forgiveness

As the one indulged in infidelity, you should expect anger, tears and rage as it is very difficult for the innocent partner to accept this harsh truth. You must give them some time and be empathetic and patient towards them

As an innocent one in the relationship, it is very important to keep in mind not to be carried away with emotions and love. If you will forgive them easily and quickly then, chances are that they may again cheat on you. So, do not rush into this and take your time to accept it and rebuild your trust. 

Take responsibility

If you genuinely want your spouse to trust you again then, like an adult do not play the blame-game and show sincere regret for your actions. Taking the responsibility for your actions and assuring your partner not to repeat it ever again will heal your marriage or relationship.

Spend quality time together

Spending time together without discussing about the affair will give you both some more time to heal from the difficult phase. You can relive your old days and make new memories together. You can have your romance back in the relationship and this may help you heal quickly and live a normal and happy life together.

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