4 Times you can consider forgiving a cheating partner

It’s  impossible to describe in words how being cheated upon feels like but it can be simply said that it is f***ing painful and unbearable. To make mistakes is a unique character of human beings and this is what makes us all humans. Overlooking the time a person is in a relationship with other and how serious it is, people still tend to cheat on their loving partners and sometimes even feel good about the same. But, still there are some, I mean a very few who realize soon that they are doing wrong and come back to their partners. And, talking about these cases, here are the situations under which you can think of forgiving the infidel partner and be as you were living before all this happened. So, let’s begin:

When the cheating partner accepts the mistake, feels remorse and seeks forgiveness

When the partner who cheated accepts all his actions and takes responsibility for bringing damage to the relationship and shows the willingness to make amends by repairing the damage he/ she has bought to the relationship as well as to the other partner, then you must consider forgiving them.  It won’t be easy at all but considering the love you guys hold and the willingness of infidel partner to repair the damage, you guys can move on with each other and live happily.

When the mistake made is very rare and out of the character of the cheating partner

A second chance can be given to the relationship and forgiveness to the infidel partner if he/ she has messed up the situation like this for the first time and is taking responsibility of it. Being in a relationship gives a deep understanding of the nature of the other half and you can know it from your gut feelings that your partner is seriously sorry for his/ actions or not.

If the action is completely out of character of your partner and you know they haven’t hurt you before, then forgiving them and working on the relationship can be considered.

If both you have invested a lot of time and emotions in the relationship

If you are in a long-distance relationship for quite a few years or even in a marriage or normal affair; you know it is very difficult to walk your separate ways in case the partner cheats on you. Considering the severity of the effects of the mistakes of your partner on your life, forgiving and working on the relationship can be considered.

The reasons for infidelity varies for the kind of relationship and both of the partners can sit, talk and discuss what were the reasons and if you can forgive their mistake and look for a happy future for both of you.

When you both are mutually ready to work on it and find a solution

If the partner who cheated on you comes back to you and wants forgiveness to work on the relationship together and you too love him/ her a lot then, you can consider forgiving them for their mistake. It is quite easy to suggest this and extremely difficult to do this.

Don’t worry! Take your time and see if the desire to work out on the problem is mutual. If your heart says that you can still live and be happy with the infidel partner then, go ahead and discuss it with your partner and if you feel opposite; then don’t proceed with the working out with your partner. Just be strong and move out of the relationship.

It’s difficult to deal with infidelity and deal with it. After all such actions no love remains the same but chances of staying happy are always there. So, behave smartly and look out for what your heart says.

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