3 Things that Prevent you from moving out of a relationship with an infidel partner

Have you been cheated by your partner and are on the fence to leave him/ her? If the answer is a “Yes” and you have landed on this page, it means you are still not sure about your decision. Don’t stress out, it is very difficult to leave a person you have loved like anything and to move on alone. But, the chances of reconciliation too are equally less when there is infidelity once in a relationship. So, let’s clear this confusion and clearly understand the things that keep you from moving on in life:


Hope is the biggest culprit that prevents a partner to leave the cheating partner and move on in life. Hope in general is the biggest support that a person has to lead a happy life after facing all the obstacles. But, in the case of infidelity, this is the worst thing. Hoping that one day everything will be fine…He/ she will change…we can live happily if.. and much more. All these hopes are just an illusion and the most powerful tool of the cheaters. They know the power of hope and use it to the best to manipulate the innocent partner.

You got to get up from all these false hopes and face the reality. Pay undivided attention to their actions and not to what they say. By concentrating on their actions, you will find that they have not changed and were just temporarily trying to be nice to you. If you are very lucky then, the result may be totally different but in most cases, it is not.  Stay strong and smartly take the decision and don’t let this crazy hope of cleaning up the mess overpower you.

Fear of being alone

It is very difficult to stay without a person whom you have loved for a while but staying with a cheater is no less than a torture. It definitely requires a lot of strength to come out of the comfort zone and again start living the way you used to. But, the best part is to look at the future and look for a person with whom you will stay happy forever. Leave the toxic relationship with the motive in mind to spend your precious life with a partner who will make every second count and whose love will be just exclusive to you. So, take the step with this thinking and ditch the fear that is preventing you to not leave the cheater.


Another obstacle that keeps a person stuck to the cheating partner is the ohh so famous “Pride”. It makes hard for people to accept that they have selected a wrong partner who has cheated on them. Being cheated upon is definitely humilating and no one wants to suffer from its pain. But, it this has happened, you got to deal with it. And, the thing that you can do in this case is not to borrow the shame and feel like a failure. It was not at all your decision so, you don’t have to hide it and just be with the cheating partner in order to save your reputation among friends and family members. 

Just be strong, bold and smart enough to kick the cheaters away from your life and wait for the right person to spend the life with.

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