3 Signs You Have a Shady Pastor

A pastor is an appointed spiritual leader with the sole purpose of guiding you through the path of devotion and ultimately, allow you to live the life in the way that has been decreed by God. Pastors are usually looked up to as people with the knowledge of God, the true teachings and a place to seek spiritual solace. Many people rely on the words of their pastor to make any decision, even big ones like finding a life partner or having children, in hopes of living a life that is in line with their spiritual beliefs.

However, there have been instances where pastors were just as human as we are and succumbed to the endless worldly temptations. They’d misused their power as the leader of a congregation for their own benefit and gains, most commonly, monetary gains. However, such shady behavior always leaves behind some tell-tale signs that you can use to determine if the leader of your spiritual congregation has been deceitful and is misusing the trust placed in them.

Shady Pastor - Congregation

#1 Money Talks

Some pastors are all about the money. You will notice that the collection of funds for the church will always be highlighted and the congregation are required to “donate” a large sum of money, even if they may not be able to afford such large acts of charity towards the church. In addition to that, there will always be mention something pertaining to the maintenance of the church, almost every other week. Some pastors may also be partial to the people that are more materialistically endowed and tend to treat them better compared to the rest of the congregation. These signs can tell you fairly easily that your pastor may be wrongfully using the monies meant for use by the church for their own gain.

#2 Secretive Behavior

Pastors are usually very community-driven people and they stop to take a moment to appreciate and assist each human being that is part of their congregational “family”. As a result, most of their congregation would be privy to details in their pastor’s life, as a result of a close pseudo-familial bond with leaders of their spiritual communities. But, if your pastor seems to be much more secretive and very private about who they meet at their homes, they may possibly be involved in some underhanded activity, just like these pastors here.

#3 Extremely Controlling

Pastors that are involved in shady dealings usually benefit from having complete control over their “herd” of people. This allows them to easily manipulate the people that they lead into providing them with material gains and also to use his congregation to unknowingly do their dirty work for them. You’ll notice that your pastor has become more of a dictator than a leader, forcing people to see things his way and to conduct themselves in a manner that he approves. Such people also tend to surround themselves with “yes” men that worship the ground that they walk on and would do all their bidding, aside from shunning accountability, especially in cases of loss of funds or assets that are the property of the church.

Shady Pastor - Church

These are just some of the signs that your pastor may be only interested in building his own kingdom rather than lead you and your congregation down the path of God. If you suspect that your pastor or any members of your congregation may be involved in some practices that are against the law, a quick people search on them, just by their first and last names would be able to give you enough proof that they may not have chosen to walk down the spiritual path.