3 Reasons that Leads to Infidelity Dooming Your Marriage

Infidelity may result in dooming a happy married life and thereby, result in divorce. In fact, the marital cheat is the single and the biggest damaging thing, which may take place in a marriage. Statistics obtained until now about infidelity have reported that about 60percent of men and only 40percent of women participate in an extramarital affair during some point of their married lives.

According to experts, depth of once emotional pain and betrayal pain due to an extramarital affair of his/her life partner leads to dooming of the marital relations. In some cases, negative emotions become hard to put behind and thus, innocent spouse may not find any way to rebuild trust in the marriage. Besides this, there are other reasons, for which infidelity leads to the end of a marital relation.

Denial/ refusal to accept the spouse being involved in Marital Cheating

Denial is normally the first reaction and many individuals spend some time by simply refusing to believe that their marriage partner has extramarital affair with anyone else irrespective of compelling evidence/evidences in their hands. However, you should always try to stay honest with yourself and accept what has exactly taken place. You have to keep in mind that only by clarity and honesty, you may deal with the situation in hand, regardless the ultimate outcome of the marriage (divorce/doom of marriage or continue to leading married life). If you fail to accept the infidelity of the spouse, you will end up with many problems. Hence, you have to deal with everything in a healthy way i.e. cheating and other problems, resulting in cheating.

Expressing the anger in an inappropriate way

Extramarital affairs often attack the foundation of one’s daily life, rob the security and violate the vows couples take during the marriage. Furthermore, an affair is enough to strip away the peace of mind from a couple. Feeling anger or mad is normal both at your spouse and at the attractive other responsible to invade the married life. However, this is a destructive emotion, with which an innocent partner has to deal properly. According to experts, one should try to keep the anger under control. Whether you want to separate from your partner or save the marriage, your anger expressed in a negative way will prevent you from choosing either of the aforementioned options. Thus, you have to learn about using your anger feeling in a constructive way as possible.

Feeling associated with your rejection

It is obvious to feel personally rejected when the person you are married to gets indulge in infidelity. This feeling of rejection especially hits the self-esteem and makes it difficult to recover from it. In such a situation, one should surround oneself with the family members and friends, along with other individuals who give respect and love you, so that you get enough strength. You should never allow yourself to perceive that you are invaluable of love only because of infidelity done by your spouse.

Therefore, if you avoid the aforementioned steps, your probability to doom your married life because of infidelity reduces significantly and may even start to lead a happy life in near future.

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