3 Quick ways to run a background check on your better half

In the present world of social media, there are many couples who have found their true love over this media itself. But unfortunately, there are many cases of fraud as well. As everything has its advantages and disadvantages, so does social media platforms.

So, in this world of technology, whether you are in a long distance relationship or are living with a person; there are great chances that your better half is hiding something from you. So, it is advisory to secretly do a background check on your partner before investing time and emotions on a person. So, let us take a look at these quick ways to run a background check on the partner we love:

Social Media Check

People are actively present on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, some dating sites and much more. So, these social media platforms are a good way to analyze the past and present of the partner. Check for the similarity of pictures and other information you want to know about the person you are attracted to.

Take Help From Search Engines

Another simple and quick way to run a background check is to Google the name of the person. Google in this technological era is our true and consistent best friend. Don’t only type the name of a person rather try searching using their e-mail adress or by putting their names in capital letters in quotes like “NAME”. When searching using name like this, add a few phrases like girlfrien, boyfriend, school, loans, outstanding debts etc.

The information provided by Google will definitely bring out reality of the person you are wanting to spend your life with.

Go for a Reverse Image Search

This is basically for the people who have connected over the social media platforms. Catfishing has really become popular among the Millennials and doing a reverse image search will save you from the same. All you need is an image sent by your better half and a smart brain. People use pictures of some other people and create fake accounts to dupe innocent people for money and for some other reasons. So, it is very important to know whether your better half is an honest person or not.

Once you have an image of your boyfriend/ girlfriend then follow these steps:

  • Save a copy of the image on your laptop or desktop
  • Open “images.google.com” and upload the image there
  • You will get the search results related to the image uploaded

You can either find from the search results to see all the social media platforms where the picture has been uploaded or see in the “visually similar images” section to check. If the same profile picture is used on every social media account then voila! You have made the right choice. But, if you see that particular image on some strangers accounts then, you gotta get aware and think wisely before investing more time in that relationship.

Staying alert is very important to prevent yourself from any social media scam. Hope these tips will help you finding out the reality of your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend.

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