10 Signs That Your Daughter’s Boyfriend is Bad News

Ah, the vigor of the young. The smell of teen spirit. Nothing is more memorable in comparison to being a young, wild and free teen. And it is at this point in life where you first experience something called love and courtship. But, as a parent, this is something acutely worrying. Especially if you’re the parent of a teenage girl.

Lots can go wrong in a teenage girl’s relationship, what with raging hormones and temper tantrums. These are usually pretty harmless and with some guidance, it could blossom into a lasting relationship for your darling little girl. But, what if your daughter is dating someone that is potentially dangerous, not just to her but to your family and the people surrounding her?

This is not something uncommon. Many teen girls are being sweet-talked into running errands for their “boyfriends” just to get caught by international border patrol as drug mules. And some other stories have even more gruesome endings to them. Here are just some of the signs that your daughter’s boyfriend is bad news and that it’s high time for you to intervene.

Daughter’s Boyfriend is Bad - Mom and Daughter
  1. She’s constantly worried – Whether it’s about her appearance or her date with her beloved, she’s almost always worries by something. This may be a sign that her boyfriend is dictating everything about your daughter, from the way she looks and dresses to the way she needs to conduct herself. This “control freak” attitude may prove to be a problem later on, if you fail to act fast and nip it in the bud.
  2. She keeps to herself more – You’ll notice that your daughter says less and answers to questions with only a couple of words. She also stays in her room more and only goes out with her boyfriend, rather than her own friends. Even when you ask about her day or her relationship, she just brushes it over and tells you what you want to hear.
  3. She starts disregarding rules – She begins to stay later than she’s supposed to, skipping school and barely does homework. It could just be teen rebellion but if skipping school begins to be a very common occurrence, it could be that your daughter is involved in something shady during school hours.
  4. She starts keeping unknown pills – These innocent looking pills may just be a high-end designer drug. This may also be the first step to your child being used as a drug mule. If you find these, confront them about it and consult a local pharmacist. They may be able to help you identify what exactly those pills are.
  5. She hides her calls – You begin to notice that she’s more private with her calls. It may just be that they want their space, being in a relationship and all. But, if you notice that she tends to hide all her calls and looks worried when she gets calls from her boyfriend, it may not be something to overlook. Another sure sign that something is wrong is when you can’t find any call logs and history on your daughter’s phone or computer
  6. He has a history of petty crimes – No matter how small, a crime is a crime. And, if your daughter’s boyfriend has been involved in petty theft and such, he may not be as good as he seems. A simple background check on him would reveal all of his past details. From there, you would be able to gauge who he really is and how he might behave towards your daughter.
  7. His appearance – It’s not necessarily the tattoos, piercings and biker jackets, every teenager has a phase. But, note on the details of these things. Look to see if his biker jacket has a gang insignia or name. Run a search on the gang and you’ll know if he’s an alright boy.
  8. His disposition – He’s a generally grim and negative person. He rarely speaks to anyone other than your daughter and keeps trying to leave. He also seems angry 24/7 and is impulsive.
  9. His speech patterns – He tends to speak curtly and rudely, as if you, parents of his girlfriend, are irrelevant to him. This is usually a sure sign that your daughter may be being used for her boyfriend’s gains via illegal means. You would also notice that he uses a lot of negatively charged words or curses very frequently.
  10. Both of them lie – Your daughter starts hiding the places she’s going to or been to. He starts fabricating excuses to answer your questions. Try asking your younger children for further details. Teens do discuss or mention certain things to their brothers or sisters. And, there is a high chance that they might have disclosed something to their siblings that could help you identify who your daughter’s boyfriend really is.
Daughter’s Boyfriend is Bad - Couple

Having a teen daughter is no easy feat. But, having a teen daughter with a boyfriend is a war of its own. Although teens should be given the freedom to be, well, teenagers, parents should always be aware of the type of boys their teen girls spend time with. Aside from that, a quick person lookup can give you a rough idea of the kind of person your teen’s boyfriend is, thanks to public records. Keep your little girl safe, always.